The Truth Behind The Infamous ‘BIBO’ Jail Call

In the murky world of leaked prison recordings, the Red Scorpions and BIBO sets take center stage.

Rest in paradise Matt Johnston. You are a hero for releasing this before you lost your life to cancer. On our vip story we actually allow our subscribers to ask Matt’s sister questions – related to the call.(linkbelow)

From Jamie Bacon’s frantic attempts to turn his co-accused to the chilling secrets captured in a Brothers Keepers’ call, these recordings are a treasure trove of shady conversations. Every word spoken is charged with tension, revealing a world where trust is scarce and betrayal is always on the horizon.

We’ve all listened to that infamous recording that made its rounds on our YouTube channel years back. Six minutes plus of what we claimed to be Gary Kang spilling tragic details to his girlfriend at the time. But let’s be real, we knew it wasn’t Gary on the other end of that call.

We just needed his name for click-bait to boost our platform back then.

We owe you all an apology for leading you down a false path. So, we’re setting the record straight.

Honestly, everyone in the streets pretty much knew who was really speaking in that call from the get-go. It never felt like a well-kept secret. The guy ranting about almost getting smoked and witnessing Randy’s head getting blown to bits? That was none other than Camilo Alonso.

At this time – we will not be able to reveal the identity of the female; and that’s because she’ll be highlighted as one of our first participants in our newly improved SUTS series.


He was the third person at that scene, narrowly escaping death at the hands of the infamous T-Sav. In the audio, Camilo’s voice drips with racism towards Tyrel, likely fueled by the tormenting hot-shells they endured from the half-Asian, half-Black assassin; that they had seemingly invited for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

And no, Alonso wasn’t among the BIBO members stabbed during the brutal clashes between the Red Scorpions and BIBO, as detailed in our VIP story.

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