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Guess who’s back? CAPPOCARTEL ⬇️????????

The province of British Columbia had a pretty clean entry into the year, besides the common mishaps that we tend to see on a daily; such as the firework incident at the Vancouver condo.

A few media outlets similarly published yearly reviews and recaps on crime levels. One good example was from Peace Arch News; ‘Year in Review: Crime did not stop in Surrey, White Rock

It wasn’t long before a violent offender was arrested. VPD stated that a violent offender was arrested for breaking release conditions. That offender is known as Dillon Juel Stanton, 32, was located in downtown Vancouver and immediately taken to jail. His father was a well known Hells Angels member who was shot dead back in 2010.

Before Dillon was arrested, he was on statutory release and therefore was in the community but ordered on conditions that ensured he had to live in a halfway home. It wasn’t long before he breached.

Since we’re already on topic with the Hells Angel – we recently discovered an individual who has made it his life goal in terrorizing the bikers. This was completely absurd to us at first and that’s because of how powerful the angels are; but it seems as if the 57 year old in Greg Paul Carr will never back down.
Greg Paul Carr has made a name for himself slagging the HAMC incessantly online. Concerns about that grey material rise when Carr enjoys posting videos counting large amounts of money in his apartment, whose location isn’t difficult to figure out.

His recent target was the infamous Jaimie Yochlowitz; a very well respected ’81’ member who also broke headlines in 2022. Kim Bolan was the first to break the story, and revealed how the biker was dropping water balloons on the homeless people that had hijacked the sidewalks of his luxurious condo.

This was the first time we have seen an individual brave enough in disrespecting the gang, and it was all thanks to our good blogger pal in ‘gangsterismisout’.

We’ll be keeping an eye on what this demon does next.

Unlike BC, Alberta saw more significant crimes; as they have already lost 2 lives to gun violence.

Edmonton police investigating after a man was critically injured outside the Hope Mission’s Herb Jamieson Centre men’s homeless shelter at 100 Street and 105A Avenue in central Edmonton on Monday, Jan. 2, 2023.

6:30 AM on Monday was when EMS reported to a man lying outside of a homeless shelter with visible injuries. The unnamed man, who was 32, was taken to hospital but died of his injuries. Staff at the hospital noticed his injuries looked like gunshot wounds and got the police involved.


Homicide detectives are investigating Calgary’s first fatal shooting of 2023, which left one dead and another person seriously injured.

All signs indicate this as being gang-related. With recent breaking information that cannot be revealed at this time, we will be prioritizing this homicide and keeping up with the updates.


The new year was just short of being 42 hours old when Fakomi, 37, was shot to death in the Weston Rd. and Hwy. 401 area. He was a player and had a colourful criminal history related to drugs and gangs.

Fakomi was the first homicide in what seems is going to be a very busy January for law enforcement in Toronto.

Over the past five years, a lot of the big city murders that had previously been kept to the confines of the GTA have now spread like a cancer to smaller communities like Thunder Bay, Sarnia, Sudbury and pretty much anywhere else.

There’s a lot of dope dealers operating in the GTA all fighting for a piece of a shrinking pie, whereas places like the Niagara Region, Thunder Bay and other smaller burgs can be quickly turned into monopolies — through violence. Keep in mind that a lot of these dope dealers come from different parts of the country. The trap is becoming globalized.

It’s insane to believe that this was actually said by a veteran detective “the homicide unit is staffed and well-equipped to handle 70 murders.” They’re prepping for 70+ homicides and consistently get convictions, arrests and show real effective police work, at a very fast rate.

The west could learn a thing or two!



Very interesting read that explains how corrupt Mexico is, and gives you a good account as to how these top cartel leaders are living in prison. After investigating the brutal attack, government officials learned of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl and marijuana inside the prison. As well as VIP and luxurious prison cells that were assigned to the highest ranking members. Although 10 of the 25 dead were deemed as prison guards inside the cells; it’s been alleged that this was an inside job.

Thailand seems like a good time.

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