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In today’s ‘DirtyDaily’ we will be exploring a few headlines across the nation, recent scenarios and visuals, as well as user-submissions and overall gossip. Like most of you, we too are surprised in the lack of shootings the start of the year has seen in the west-coast. Headlines across the country/world are of more importance at the moment, and will therefore be focused on that much more.

If you haven’t already, go check out our thread on the Guzman arrest.

The Surrey Guzman ⬆️

IT’S RABIH ALKHALIL !!!!!!!!! ⬆️⬆️⬆️

Our intro’s are usually stronger, but the Dirty Daily honestly didn’t have much to report on. All Sikhs should be celebrating and that’s because of the EPL Punjabi referee that the world was recently exposed to:

About half of the blog’s audience is specifically here for the controversy and user info. Every one of our Dirty Daily’s will consist of a section that includes recently acquired submissions, hot topics and overall rumours. The gossip section can be found at the bottom of the page, which includes a pretty big segment about the notorious UN gangster Brandon Mayes:

The craziest part about this picture is the individual who had provided us with the image. We will explain a lot more on this as you progress into the read, but here’s a little teaser ????

We know what you’re thinking… Drilldoc IS OUT!? FIND OUT MORE ⬇️


The first headline we want to cover is probably the most disturbing one. It involves an Indian family driving off of a steep California cliff, and ultimately surviving in what was seen as a miracle. The disturbing part about the story isn’t the tragic scenes of the Tesla’s fall, but because of the father attempting to commit suicide with a wife and 4 year old child in the vehicle. He’s since been charged.

Source: NBC NEWS

Our next few headlines revolve around BC, which includes a very well known ‘jacker’:

Chase has still not been located. If you have any information please contact us, or law enforcement.

The third string of stories that will be covered in our recap is Surrey’s 1st shooting of the year, which had occurred in the Whalley neighbourhood; along with the scamming notice that North Van RCMP had issued to the public, and the prison lockdown that has resulted in a whole lot of contraband being seized.


On January 3rd, an elderly couple was contacted by a scammer claiming to be a lawyer and that their grandson was arrested. In order to make bail, they were told they had to pay $9k in cash. The scammer then advised the victim that a Bond carrier would pick up the funds later in the afternoon. When they arrived, the victim was confronted by 2 females who were then acting desperate and blew their cover after the grandmother contacted her grandson and realized he was not in jail. Both of the females are presumed to be Indo-Canadian, which perfectly illustrates as to why we created our Set-Up Thotiana series. These DGIRLS are literally contacting the grandparents of opps, and following the lead of other DBOYS whom have probably put them up to the task.

Suspect car: WHITE BMW – Investigators have determined that the suspects maybe travelling through out different regions in Canada and committing these bail frauds.

A lot of incarcerated gangsters are reportedly upset after losing their phones and several other items during a lockdown. Although none of these details have become public as of yet, it has been reported that a massive amount of drugs were also seized:

Edmonton has been quite the story since we’ve emerged into 2023, and it’s actually seen more crime than Vancouver as a whole. Here’s a few of the incidents that the streets of YEG have witnessed:

4 deaths among rash of violent crimes over New Year’s weekend in Edmonton

There’s no doubt that YEG has become a ???? hole over the last few years, but it’s very important to understand the reasoning behind the increases of the crime rate. The number one reason is because of the drug trade and how gangsters/criminals all across the country are relocating to the province, in order to maximize profits and dominate an addictive community. Guys like the #GGG gang out of Toronto can be seen as an example, and that’s because a lot of them went to Alberta in order to ‘trap’. This caused a fully blown out war between two different criminal organizations, which still sees violence to this day.


Calgary has it just as bad, if not worse than the criminal activity that’s currently going on in Edmonton. YYC’s Bonnie and Clyde were arrested in a very significant seizure after being investigated for nearly a month:

In mid-December, CPS executed search warrants as part of a month-long investigation into drug trafficking and vehicle cloning that was being conducted out of three homes.

On Dec. 15, police searched a home in the 100 block of Covington Close N.E. and found:

  •  A stolen and re-vinned 2014 Lotus Evora, worth approximately $110,000;
  •  RCMP body armour;
  •  Ammunition;
  •  Amounts of psilocybin, cocaine and methamphetamine;
  •  Three kilograms of unknown tablets; and
  •  Identity theft documents.

Two days later, police searched a home in Rocky View County, in the 0 to 100 block of Woodland Estates Drive. Police found the following during that investigation:

  •  Ammunition;
  •  A prohibited pistol and rifle magazines;
  •  A kilogram of fentanyl, worth approximately $100,000;
  •  1.5 litres of GHB, worth approximately $2,000;
  •  700 grams of methamphetamine;
  •  Four kilograms of unknown tablets;
  •  Four stolen vehicles – a 2022 Jeep Wrangler, a 2019 Lincoln Navigator, a 2019 Ram Rebel and a 2008 Cadillac SRX;
  •  Four assault rifles;
  •  Approximately $12,000 in Canadian currency;
  •  Re-vinning and re-keying equipment;
  •  Personal, company and financial information for hundreds of individuals and businesses;
  •  Fraudulent identification and vehicle documents; and
  •  ID card printers and embossers.

The final search warrant, which was executed on New Year’s Eve, was conducted on a home in the 0 to 100 block of Country Village Landing N.E.

Police seized 10 kilograms of unknown tablets as well as “evidence of drug manufacturing” from the home.

So far, two people have been charged in connection with the investigation.

Clint Parmeter, 44, is charged with 32 offences, including:

  •  Three counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking;
  •  Three counts of possession of a controlled substance;
  •  Five counts of possession of stolen property over $5,000;
  •  Possession of proceeds of property obtained by crime over $5,000;
  •  Four counts of possession of an unlicensed weapon;
  •  Five counts of careless storage of a firearm, weapon, prohibited device or ammunition;
  •  Three counts of possession of a weapon obtained by crime; and
  •  Four counts of possession of a weapon contrary to a prohibition order.

Kendall Pyne, 42, is charged with 13 offences, including:

  •  Two counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking;
  •  Three counts of possession of a controlled substance;
  •  Three counts of possession of stolen property over $5,000;
  •  Four counts of possession of an unlicensed firearm; and
  •  Possession of proceeds of crime.

CPD have so far recovered identity information for more than 700 residents, 48 businesses and 100 vehicles.

Toronto has also relatively been quiet, aside from the daily shooting here and there. The most important story in our opinion was the incident regarding the group of girls and the senior citizen who was stabbed to death. We also include a physical scenario that had just occurred last night in Blue Mountain, Ontario, and a crazy police-chase that some Toronto demons record with illegal firearms in the vehicle.

Newest updates regarding the story: Bail hearing dates set for some teens charged in death of Toronto homeless man.

Blue Mountain fight: (part 1 & 2)

This is ballsy…

Is Crypto A Scam?

big scam

Originally sued over his ‘suicide forest’ video, Logan Paul finds himself in a sticky position yet again. To be fair though, he isn’t the only one to blame and that’s because all of the elites and rich have found themselves using crypto as an advantage. To the general public, it’s looked at as an actual money-making opportunity and that’s because we have seen people like us get rich quick through the technology. Everyone has their own opinions with countless hours of research, but we want to know where our audience lies in terms of how they feel about the overall crypto world.

It definitely has a lot of positives and promising potential, but the truth is that we’ve seen more scammers than ever in the last 2 years; and this is only just the beginning. FTX founder SBF was the most recent crypto billionaire to have scammed his way to success, and it’s probably just the start of what’s to come.


SBF ????????????????
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Over the last 3 days, we have had the opportunity to experience 1st-hand as to how the lower-mainland works, and what the current landscape is looking like. This involved us having detailed conversations with a UN gangster who has technically lost his girl-friend to the Red Scorpion faction, better known as the BIBO set. We won’t be spilling out full details and that’s because of our upcoming profile releases,(back-to-back-to-back-to-back, starts with DJ) however it’s important to note that Brandon has ultimately had a bad start to the year. This is the same UN gangster who has just recently been released from prison, and the same demon who was closely acquainted with the now deceased and incarcerated Karman Grewal and Simba Sahota (MD’s killer). All 3 were involved in that famous pharmacy heist, in which they all pled guilty too.

Long story short, BM was set-up by his ex. It’s unclear on whether he was actually injured, but he had sent us a few visuals to prove that he was unharmed. His ex-girl on the other hand claims that Mayes was viciously assaulted and is now residing in a hotel, under the protection of law enforcement. We don’t think that’s the case, and it’s pretty obvious as to why.

The female who belonged to Mayes at one time had allegedly taken possession of his social media accounts and had ultimately exposed some sensitive information. We didn’t learn about BIBO’s involvement until BM had created a new account and reached out to us:


Before we get into DrillDoc and his odd situation, let’s look what the female had to say:


It turns out that DrillDoc is home, and may have been home for a very long time. We don’t blame him for staying quiet, and that’s because a lot of people confuse him for a gangster rather than an artist. It’s clear that this guy was trying to stay in the shadows and it was probably because of how much attention he was receiving (given the fact that he’s closely related to BK members Sam/Sumdish Gill). We don’t know the exact date on when he was released, but he’s allegedly been home for a very long time:

???????????? turns out jvne is the culprit…
sorry doc – you took to long.

It’s safe to say that Mayes has lost his girl forever, and she’s currently getting a train ran on her by the BIBO demons. She does make a significant income from her OF platform, however it’s alleged that BM has taken this money hostage. We’ll see what’s to come in the next few days regarding this situation. Let’s hope it doesn’t result into any homicides.

she did him dirty with this pic…

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Brandon Mayes' Father
Brandon Mayes' Father
1 year ago

Who tf said this little goof Brandon Mayes is UN other then himself he’s a dick riding meth head stop listening to the cap

1 year ago

This shady little fucj us nit Un he’s a dick hopper that rides what ever dick is available at the moment. He claims “fly team” rn which is full if bunch of shady goofs that do each other dirty. I guess Brandon Mayes has that in common with them as he gave the drop to his boss Karman at the airport to the bks!

Brandon Mayes' BrandonMayesFather
Brandon Mayes' BrandonMayesFather
1 year ago

So what I smoke drugs. Drugs are cool dude

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