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We have returned with our TDD recap segments. We’re going to keep this one very simple & effective, getting straight to the point with every scenario listed. Some of the issues we will be analyzing have taken place within the past week or so, while majority of them remain fairly recent.

To start things off – let’s dive into a DBOY’s daily life, and how it correlate with active law enforcement:

If you’re living that life – you better be comfortable with daily check-ins like this.


Just in case anyone was wondering why they didn’t get the packs in time…

  • Bhupinder Singh Sonu: (bad goof RSS extremist gone wild)

  • 4 prisoners stabbed after a Saturday night melee that had 20+ inmates involved:

We reported a prison stabbing a few nights ago, after multiple reports informed us about the altercation over at Abbotsford’s medium-security Matsqui Institution. Individuals close to the scene suggested that the brawl revolved around an escalating issue that was picking up steam behind prison walls. What we don’t know (for obvious reasons) is whom the victims of the stabbing were (1 was in critical condition – airlifted). We have however learned that at least 2 out of the 4 stabbed had some sort of connection to the Red Scorpions.

The brawl was impressive in itself, but what caught our eye was the fact that emergency responders whom had to fly a helicopter; (in order to air-lift the severely injured inmate) weren’t clear to take-off because of someone using a drone to drop contraband into Matsqui, making the conditions unsafe for the pilot. This was just ridiculous and really goes to show you just how dominant these drones/birds have become in institutions across the world:

Single vehicle rollover at W.49th Ave b/w Ontario & Columbia St, Vancouver forcing Road closures. Driver taken to hospital with injuries. Motorists advised to avoid the area.

  • Duvy’s Fake Jeweller murdered/alongside his wife:

We were doing some detective work last night and discovered some shocking revelations. After uploading the recent WHYG35 clip on our reddit, we started thinking about rappers and jewellery.

???????????? – WHYG Mentions the platform that exposed his rivals

That’s when we started looking into Toronto rapper Duvy and the viral sensation that went on after he got exposed for wearing fake watches. Long story short, a lot of his enemies realized that something was up after Duvy posted a few flicks of him wearing a brand-new watch that he had just purchased:

Somehow – a very viral platform dedicated on exposing fake-watches that are worn by rappers, icons, etc; got a hold of Duvy’s images. It took him less than 24 hours to come to that very conclusion that almost ruined Duvy’s entire career:

Most people thought the rapper would never show face on social media again. It turns out that they were wrong, and the young star went out and bought a brand new Cartier watch after getting exposed. He even admitted that he messed up and should’ve done more research and looked into the jeweller that sold him the piece. From the public standpoint, one would think that Duvy would just let this go (because he could easily buy multiple watches if he wanted) and continue his successful career. However, it seems like his gang had other ideas in terms of getting revenge for the embarrassment that the jeweller caused.

Before getting into SPECULATIONS, we want to state that we have no real or credible proof that SouthSide Jane members were behind this double-homicide. But if we’re being honest, it does seem really weird.

Murder victims Aram Kamel, 28, who police say previously went by Aram Al-Kamisi, and his pregnant wife Rafad Alzubaidy, 26, were found shot to death in their Bowmanville house on Saturday, Feb. 4, 2023. Aram went by AK Jewellery and was notoriously known for selling Duvy a lot of his pieces (especially before Duvy rose to stardom).

3 months have went by and the double-murder still remains as a very cold mystery. No leads have been made, but there are rumours that law enforcement have some sort of clue on who/what was involved.

His family owns multiple jewelry stores and his Facebook is filled photos of jewelry and gold for sale.

He seemed really well-off as him and his wife just recently purchased the Bowmanville property. Here’s his wife with her brand new Pink BMW:

Rest in paradise ????????

This is obviously a targeted hit. It’s just unfortunate that the wife was killed as well. Only a matter of time until we figure out whether or not this double-homicide was a case of revenge/being ripped-off (as in Duvy’s case), or something else much bigger (that the husband was involved in).

  • Cruz Thomas Joseph sentenced to three and a half years in prison:

A man who slashed a stranger in the face with a machete in downtown Vancouver two years ago has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

The BC Prosecution Service the sentence handed to Cruz Thomas Joseph on Wednesday included a lifetime firearms ban.

  • Reddit News:

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