Toni Dalipi Declared A Murder SuspectšŸšØ:

News broke out after court records were made public today – in regards to the deceased gangster in Toni Dalipi who was gunned down in Burnaby, late last year. It’s been officially reported that Toni was the primary murder suspect in Baileys homicide; as we have declared and stated in the early months of the investigation. This is the prime example of retaliation in today’s gang culture, and we will be now releasing the ‘Toni D/Bailey M Retaliation’ full CP; either tonight or tomorrow. It’s pretty much done, but now that this information has been publicized; we will divert our full attention in dropping the detailed story.

A revenge hit from the beginning, Bailey McKinney was shot just weeks before Toni was smoked; in a broad daylight basketball court shooting. Bailey’s guys in Shmoney and the BIBO demons had known from the get-go, as to who was responsible for their good friend’s death. The rest was history, as Ahmed Tahir, an individual who has no prior criminal record; is now in the final stages of being officially sentenced.

jay coz (incarcerated for his drone-role), pistol p (doing life), ahmed tahir (potentially going to do life)
Ahmed Tahir is now facing a 2nd-degree murder charge, in the death of Toni.

It’s unknown as to who was behind the Toni hit, as many have linked Shmoney as being the head honcho in the plan. It’s safe to say that it was an embarrassing outcome to say the least, as the shooter in Tahir had no solid plan or escape in ultimately getting away. They found him hiding under a vehicle, in a garage that was in the area of the shooting. He even tripped on his shoe-lace, but this will be explained in the story. Atleast Toni managed to successfully escape after smoking Bailey, as the Coquitlam homicide has now been ruled closed.

“Blerton (Toni) Dalipi, 19, was shot five times from behind with a 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun outside the Boss Vapes store on Sixth Street near 13th Avenue just before 7 p.m. on May 8, according to agreed facts read out during a sentencing hearing for his killer, Ahmed Riyaz Tahir, Friday.”

The court heard Dalipi had been under surveillance by the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team that day as a suspect in the deadly daylight shooting of 20-year-old Bailey McKinney while he was playing basketball in Coquitlamā€™s Town Centre Park on April 19, 2021.


Ahmed has been given a 17 year sentence, without parole eligibility. His friends are going to be getting married and starting lives, while he’ll be locked up until he’s in his late 30’s.

Luckily for Toni, he avoided a jail sentence but managed to lose his life. Not sure if it was a good trade, but if the BIBO demons had just been a little more patient; they would’ve seen justice.

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