Toronto Rapper JoEazy: Double Homicide on His Own Family (VIDEO)

When a rapper makes it on the news in correlation to a shooting, or a homicide, chances are you might immediately believe it is related to a gang related incident. Especially if he raps about that life. But today, a horror occurred. A son taking aim at his father, his brother and his mother and shooting them all, consecutively. It may be a little hard to find a motive for the killings, but I doubt it was the ‘beef’ that he raps about in his songs. Might it have been a family disagreement? It seems a little too excessive of an incident to be a disagreement. In the end, it was most likely due to mental health.

Video of the crime scene.

So what happened? We are aware a double homicide had taken place and that a Toronto rapper had murdered and shot his family. But what are the events that lead up to this incident? JoEazy had posted incoherent ramblings on his Instagram story just less than 24 hours before the murders took place.

Although the posts were written in thick Toronto slang, we could decipher that JoEazy was frustrated on how someone had borrowed some of his jewelry and tried to flex the items as their own. We suspect the man he lent the jewelry to was another Toronto rapper by the name of HG Paperboy. HG Paperboy was also the victim of a shooting that had happened a day earlier in Etobicoke, he was rushed to the hospital and survived the shooting.

HG Paperboy after the shooting yesterday.

He also mentioned how he had received criticism about individuals telling him to change the subject matter in which he writes about. He did not take this kindly. Finally, he mentioned how he was going to release a new song titled ‘Trap Boy’ throughout this week. Might JoEazy have been behind the shooting of Paperboy?

Crime Scene
A sheet is draped over a body.

Allegedly, while JoEazy was upset, he had showed up to his parent’s residence at around 1:30pm on Tuesday. The residence was located on Arnold Avenue near the intersection Dundas East and Parliament Avenue in the Regent Park sector of Toronto. A struggle ensued and the rapper had shot his father, who was later sent to the hospital where he died. Making his way out of the home, his brother DK had confronted him. JoEazy then decided to take shots at his brother, killing him. As he was trying to escape, his mother had tried to stop him, in which he shot her.

JoEazy’s father.

This is the story so far, that has come out in the media, some aspects of this story might change as we learn more and more about how this incident played out. We also know that JoEazy is the 3rd youngest of 5 brothers. A witness had taken a video which portrays people running and two shots fired, while another witness video shows a draped body and a man on a stretcher.

JoEazy’s brother, DK, now deceased.

Once police arrived on the scene, a police chase took place in which two officers were wounded, one of the duo was sent to the hospital for his injuries. The officers have made it out alive. The chase had been noted to be of a spectacular nature. It ended on Sackville Street, with police taking the suspect into custody and retrieving a pistol on the sight of the second crime scene.

Crime scene at Sackville Street.

We do not know JoEazy’s legal name yet but we do know he is of a Congolese decent. Evidently, JoEazy is also a rapper that represents Regent Park. He has been releasing music since 2020. Although not having an album, JoEazy has released numerous singles and has collaborated with multiple Toronto rappers such as Lil Berete in the tracks ‘No Make Up’ and ‘Boomarang’. He has been active in an on and off manner on the rap scene but has been also releasing music videos.

Video of the shooting.
Lil Berete ft. JoEazy ‘No Make Up’ music video

More information concerning this story will be released throughout the week, stay tuned…

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