Wayne Issac Damri 🕊


A well known junior associate to the Brothers Keepers was found deceased yesterday night (right).

His death has been ruled an overdose. Very unfortunate, considering how he was only 21 or 22 at the time.

Wayne Issac Damri aka Damri was an established member to the set, and most notably under the leadership of leader Amandeep Kang. It’s alleged that he joined the ranks at the age of 14 as a dial-a-dope worker, and even got caught up during the prime years of the war between RS/BIBO and BK. He got hit/shot for his allegiance to the BK set when he was 15, which ultimately forced his parents to ship him away from the environment/area that was plaguing him. It turns out that when he returned to the lower-mainland, he resumed to what he knew best.

His most recent run-in with the law was back in 2021; when he and another associate were arrested and charged with robbery after what Langley Mounties described as an attempted carjacking that took place in Langley City on Thursday, June 3. Issac got away before law enforcement arrived at the scene, but because his partner got caught; they later found Issac:

Rest in paradise Issac Damri.

Stay away from the drugs!

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