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These DBOYS are getting fearless. Buddy ran up in Gucci designer and ended up robbing a police officer’s family home ????. Not sure if this was intended by the home invaders, more to come.

It’s getting pretty tough to keep up with the lower-mainland, but that’s why we’re the best at what we do and it’s because we never quit. We’re going to get into a few different scenarios that has kept most of us on alert, but first we want to show you guys a tragic incident that had occurred in Mississauga, Toronto last night.

The following video contains graphic footage and viewer discretion is strongly advised. It regards a very disturbing collision on the Queen Elizabeth Way around Hurontario Street.

Police said an SUV was attempting to merge onto the highway toward Toronto from Hurontario Street when it collided with a transport truck. The female driver and a male passenger were both declared dead at the scene.

Rumours have already suggested that the driver of the SUV was allegedly suicidal because of the reckless lane-change. Regardless, no one deserves to lose a life like this and we all need to understand that driving is a privilege that needs to be respected and honoured at all times:

???????????????? wow

After further investigation, we learned that one of the victims was a female:

RIP ????

Not sure why someone would even post this, but it seemed as if she had some sort of persona on the internet:

December is a few days away and if you’ve been following along for the last 2 years – you know we go nuts at the end of a year! It’s time to overload our blog with nothing but character and set-profiles that have been stored away in our vaults. Don’t worry though, COTW and our Set-Up Thotiana episodes are still scheduled to release in the middle of the night (as usual).


Before we get into some new situations that we have yet to explore, we have a few minor updates concerning the high-school stabbing and Coquitlam dealership heist.

  • Coquitlam Heist detailed by innocent bystanders whom were caught in the middle:

Poor couple… buddy ducked at one point thinking he was going to get smoked ????

  • A lot of individuals are going on social media and creating their own narrative, or the one that pushes for the most likes; and we’re seeing that right now with the Sethi homicide at the Surrey school:

Although he may have killed the kid, we shouldn’t draw any conclusions until understanding what really occurred. So far though, it seems as if everyone is against the suspect without any real factual evidence:

Surrey RCMP is requesting the public’s assistance with locating a missing 23-year-old woman.
Jasvir Parmar was last seen on Monday, Nov. 21. in the 6600-block of 133 Street. Her last contact with family came in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Nov. 22.
The reason why so many rumours originally circulated regarding her being the victim that was found in Maple Ridge, is because it was alleged that it was her body found in a burnt Toyota vehicle. After speaking to close family, we’ve come to realize that law enforcement told the family that it wasn’t her and that she still hasn’t been located. SHE STILL HAS NOT BEEN LOCATED.
This has been the general response that we’ve received from close friends and family to the missing girl. Some have claimed that the family was re-assured by law enforcement that it was not her in the vehicle, whereas others state they have no idea.
  • We will be exploring the whole maple ridge incident in a detailed write-up
  • We got some reports of a random shooting that allegedly didn’t hit anyone. Still unconfirmed as of now but the location of the incident was allegedly at:
Jason Townsend was a Kelowna Hells Angels’ prospect whom was killed in a single-vehicle crash near Prince George a little over a week ago. He was only 45 when he died on Nov.17/22, after a crash near Prince George seven days earlier on the 10th. He succumbed to his injuries in the hospital as a fundraiser stated – “We were so lucky to get to see his big smile, contagious laugh and to hear him joke around as always,” fundraiser organizer Beanne Krause wrote. “Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be for him to stay and he succumbed to his injuries. He was very well known to law enforcement and that much more respected by his club as The Vancouver Sun’s Kim Bolan reported Townsend had become a Kelowna Hells Angels’ prospect in the fall of 2019 after his former club, Prince George’s Renegades motorcycle club, had disbanded. Becoming a prospect is the final stage before members can become full-patch members of the Hells Angels’.

Robert Lowry of Edmonton’s Chapter of the Hells Angels was injured in a Nov.18 prison attack. Reports started surfacing a few days prior but we didn’t officially report anything due to the minimal user-submissions that we received. He was ultimately sentenced last year to nine years for kidnapping and beating a B.C. man, and was attacked by another inmate in Matsqui prison earlier this month.
“The injured inmate was evaluated by staff members and transported to an outside hospital to receive treatment and has since returned to the institution,” the statement said. “The assailants have been identified and the appropriate actions have been taken.”
We’ve all heard about the bean-gun situation, in regards to the altercation that had occurred between VPD officers and a homeless man. If you haven’t, we’ll attach the entire video here!

One of the suspect/victims reached out to us and explained how he and his friends were all released:


Not sure if anything will, or CAN really make a difference at this point but it’s safe to say that SPS has been going to work:

CBC just outlined 3 reasons as to why Surrey should keep its police force, and 3 reasons as to why they shouldn’t.

What do you guys think? What would you rather prefer?


The following footage takes place in India – WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?:


 Brampton drivers never surprise us:

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Keep surrey police is surrey
Keep surrey police is surrey
1 year ago

Surrey police is the right way to go rcmp sucks

1 year ago

Fuck the RCMP

Daniel Swarek
Daniel Swarek
1 year ago

Keep it up brother

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