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We’ll be going over some breaking headlines that Canadians across the nation have come across in the last few days. They range from violent homicides to robberies and even bullying at an extent, in regards to homeless people. Obviously we won’t be including the stories that we already covered, such as the Samra house that was shot at, or the Arman Dhillon homicide in Oakville.


A 45 year old man was stabbed to death just last Thursday (18th) after coming off a bus by a group of youths. Very disturbing but the city continues to get worse, so we shouldn’t be surprised. The man was pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital, and IHIT has provided very little about the incident. It’s alleged that the victim was involved in a confrontation with another female on the transit bus, before exiting at 184 street and Fraser highway; and being confronted by a group of youths who stabbed the man. Seems like a set up and again highlights how females are playing a much more dangerous role and contributing to this violence a whole lot more than law enforcement and officials think.

You can click here for the current updates, as 1 suspect has been arrested and will probably now lead to the arrests of every other suspect. These kids are going to fold and that’s because this was a messy situation from the jump with no real motive.

West Vancouver Crazy Accident????????:

A lot of us were shocked and in utter disbelief after being swarmed with breaking news on the west Vancouver fatal wedding crash. Just yesterday, at 6:10 pm; a total of ten people were hospitalized with two others already being pronounced dead. An old lady had mistakenly drove and crashed into a wedding party that was hosted at a home on the 400-block of Keith road. A total of 12 people (2 dead on scene) were impacted as paramedics transported 10 people to hospital. The service said five people were in stable condition, three were in serious condition and two were in critical condition.

The woman is in her late 60’s and was driving a vehicle on a shared driveway, accidentally accelerated forward and crashed into several individuals who were in attendance of the wedding.

We do have some graphic footage but because of how severe this incident was and how it has impacted the entire nation, we’ll refrain from sharing it. But here’s some clips that’ll let you get a sense on how crazy it was and just how fast our first responders acted.

There has been a few other crazy and fatal accidents in the west and just recently in Brampton, Ontario. Click here to read about the tragedy that occurred in Brampton, in which 3 individuals were instantly pronounced dead after slamming into a tree. We don’t know what’s going on, but a lot of tragedies have been based on fatal motor-vehicle accidents. Please be safe on the roads and always make sure you’re operating your vehicle at your most sober state.

Stranger Assaults ????:

Vancouver police have been investigating a string of violent stranger assaults reported in a two-hour time span Thursday night. These sick bastards are getting more perverted and dangerous by the day, and we’re seeing a lot more random attacks. Majority of them target females, however we are starting to see more males victimized, in recent cases. Make sure you guys are safe when you’re out for walks, and if you want to read more on the situation – click here.

Calgary Double Shooting – Husband and Wife????????:

3 days ago, at around 8:20 am – Emergency crews were called to the 100-block of Everwoods Court S.W. to find a man and woman in a parked Bentley, suffering from fatal gunshot wounds. The female, 31 year old Nakita Baron was pronounced dead on the scene after she suffered an alleged head shot. Her husband, Talal Fouani, was taken to the hospital in life-threatening condition. We are still unsure on whether or not he has succumbed to his injuries; however it was alleged that he was involved in the drug trade and was a key player.

Rest in paradise Nakita. Talal still fighting for his life, allegedly in a Coma.

Long story short – “Police say the pair were targeted by a man who allegedly fired several shots at the Bentley at around 8:20 a.m., before leaving in a black 2017 to 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse.”

Click here for the original article, published by CTV Calgary.

Click here for an updated piece, published by CTV Calgary as well, but includes more information about the potential suspect and victim in Nakita. It’s unclear on what set or what organization Talal was associated too, however the shooting carries the exact same hallmarks of a targeted hit. You don’t see a married couple driving around in a brown Bentley get targeted everyday, seems like a bounty was collected.

New reports came out regarding the victim’s history with organized crime. Sad that the female had to pay for his life decisions.

Toronto Woman Shot To ????:

TPS said on Thursday at 1:05 p.m., officers received a medical call at 2265 Jane Street. They found a 23 year old woman, later revealed to be Daniella Mallia that was found dead in an underground parking garage. It really is sad and justice needs to be served for this poor innocent girl.

 Daniella Mallia ????????

Because law enforcement in the GTA are actually respected and known for solving cold cases and whatnot, we have already been notified as to who the primary suspect is. He’s been blasted on every outlet, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s in police custody.

 6’2″ and approximately 380 lbs. 33 year old Dylon Dowman is wanted for 1st-degree murder. He’s known as “Gutta Musik” after a failed rap career, and has now subject to a national warrant.

Click here for all updates regarding the case.

Hells Angel Bully ????:

Kim recently published one of her finest pieces in a long time, and she was motivated in doing so because of her very hatred towards the outlaw motorcycle gang. Basically, three-quarters of British Columbians say homelessness is a major problem in the province right now and officials at the federal, provincial and municipal level, really don’t seem to care. Affordable housing in the west just isn’t a viable solution at the moment and officials trying to dismantle tent city as an example is not helping things, at all. We’re seeing more protests, frustration and overall fear from our homeless population; it’s a situation that will continue to get worse.

Click here for an article regarding the ongoing dilemma regarding tent city residents.

Click here for another article explaining the homelessness situation in the west.

Jaimie Yochlowitz on the far right, the one that Kim alleges as the bully that was dropping the water balloons on homeless people. Pictured next to him, on his left, is Suminder Allie Grewal; the man who connected the Brothers Keepers to the bikers.

Jaimie Yochlowitz had his TikTok account banned after posting photos and videos of him dropping the balloons on homeless individuals that were taking up residence on the sidewalks of where the HA demon’s building was. All of his social media accounts eventually disappeared after the likes of Kim became aware on what the savage was up too. The full patched member was living on an upper floor unit, of a building at 150 East Cordova that overlooked an alley. He has now moved locations and wrote “As much fun as it was to drop balloons on the heads, I’m happy to be gone from that neighbourhood,”????.

Kim writes, “In one of the videos, he fills a red water balloon at a kitchen sink, commenting about substance users blocking his garage door below. He then opens the window and throws the balloon at someone lying down on a blanket in the alley. The victim shouts “ahhh” as the balloon hits the ground nearby and splashes him.” ????????????????????????????????


Set Rankings update will be released sometime today too.


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