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The last week has seen everything ranging from conspiracies on ferry boats, to homicides and much more. We’ll be making this a consistent post, once a week – that ultimately covers stories that we may’ve covered briefly over Instagram or Twitter. We’ll be going over news that occurred throughout Canada and maybe even the US, depending on the severity of the situation.

Last weeks recap we posted headlines in order, based on when the incident or event had taken place. This week, we’ll try to replicate the same outline.

August 20/22 – Brampton Fatal Crash Kills 3 ????:

More will be covered once we begin to touch-up on the Toronto scene. Very heart-breaking scenes came out of Brampton at around 2 AM on the 20th, as a vehicle was spotted being split in half after crashing into a tree that started an immediate fire. The 3 individuals that were pronounced dead on the scene were all siblings, and came from the Driftwood area alongside names like Pressa.

More info here. Just google the accident – it was ridiculous.

RIP ????????????????????????

August 21/22 – Crime Stoppers Weekly List ????:

Most wanted criminals for the week of August 21.

August 21/22 – YYC Restaurant Fatal Shooting ????:

Temesgen Tesfatsion, 35, of Calgary was shot to death at around 4:40 AM on Sunday.

“Officers are still investigating the deadly shooting that happened early Sunday morning at the Ambassador Restaurant and Bar in Radisson Heights.”

Seems linked to the ongoing gang feuds going on in Western Canada, however nothing is officially stated as of yet. Police do believe the shooting was targeted within the restaurant, and a 30 year old man who’s about 6″2 was pronounced as the primary suspect. Details are pretty slim within the case, but because of the setting in which the man died – we believe law enforcement will be able to make an arrest.


August 22/22 – Man Dies In DTES after Police Interaction ????:

Chris Amyotte, 42, was identified by family members as the man who died after he was shot by Vancouver police with a bean bag gun on Aug. 22, 2022.

When we first got news on the 22nd that a man was killed via a bean bag gun in the DTES of Vancouver, we instantly thought it was a troubled homeless individual who was probably on drugs. The 42 year old Winnipeg man, was actually unarmed and was pleading for help after being allegedly bear-maced prior to law enforcement showing up to the scene. All he was doing was frantically begging for help, and when police decided for some reason that they wanted him to get on the ground, he refused and stated he couldn’t. He was shot with the “bean-bag gun” and later went into cardiac arrest, before losing his life.

“Amyotte was a member of the Rolling River Ojibwa First Nation in Manitoba. He leaves behind seven children and a grandchild. His partner Amanda and other relatives are on their way to Vancouver to bring his body home, Wilson said.”

This was a complete ???? show for VPD, and we all know that they’re going to be as quiet as they can. This needs to be investigated further, and the family deserves answers – because he didn’t deserve to lose his life.

August 22/22 – Surrey Triple Shooting Suspect Caught ????:

We were the first to release the names of the victims that were involved in the shooting. We were just originally unsure as to who actually survived and who didn’t; until later realizing that it was none other than TooShort aka Harbir Khosa who survived the ordeal. His 2 juniors in Jordan Krishna, 19, and Robeen Soreni, 20, were unfortunately killed by a man that seemed to have successfully evaded police. Luckily, law enforcement acted quick and they solved this case pretty quick; in terms of locking up the primary suspect.

BRYCE Dallas Campbell, 25, was the sole shooter and had ran away from the scene on foot after putting bullets into all 3 of the men. It was believed that this was just a drug deal gone wrong, and that’s what we continue to believe. Glad the families of Krishna and Soreni got some justice, and we hope Khosa can manage to get himself fully recovered.

Turns out that the shooter is actually an addict himself.. Made us realize that he could’ve potentially been trying to purchase his ‘fix’ from the trio.

August 23/22 – Burnaby Gang Enforcement Team:

Burnaby’s Gang Enforcement Team located a parked vehicle with a large amount of packaged pills visible inside.

The car was registered to a known drug trafficker & seized, along with large amounts of illicit pills, cell phones, contraband cigarettes & mushrooms. Investigation ongoing.

Source: Twitter

August 23/22 – Montreal Double Shooting ????????:

Two men were found dead in Montreal after both being shot, 30 minutes apart from each other. Our brother Montrealrizzuto, who will be joining us as a writer in the near future – has covered this from the very jump. We won’t even link any articles regarding the double shooting, as he’s included everything you really need to know about the shooting; as of now.

August 24+25/22 – Canadians Shipping Drugs Into ???????? :

In the last week alone, we’ve seen Australian officials essentially lose their minds in regards to the creative methods and large amounts of illegal narcotics being shipped into the country. Because of how isolated Australia is, in comparison to the rest of the world – it’s a given that drugs like cocaine or fentanyl have profits that these gangsters and criminal organizations can’t make anywhere else. Almost every big time group or cartel has done whatever they can in attempts of getting drugs into the Oceania continent; however in reality, it usually doesn’t last because of how impressive and intense the border force handles themselves.

In the first bust, the AFP seized a total of 27 kg of the powder contained fentanyl, yielding 11.2 kg of pure fentanyl. That’s equivalent to about 5.5 million potentially lethal 30 mg doses. An additional 30 kilos of meth was seized as well, which estimated at 27 million dollars.

“We were absolutely shocked by the size of the detection and the audacity of this attempted importation,” said James Watson, ABF Commander Maritime and Enforcement South, in a statement.

No arrests have been made but it’s been pinpointed that the source of the drugs was from Vancouver.

The second bust that Australia came in contact with, was again drugs that were shipped from the west coast of Canada. This time around, they executed the investigation flawlessly by arresting the suspects as they were attempting to remove the drugs from the luxury vehicle.

Officers found 161 kilograms of crystal meth in bags and 30 kilos of cocaine packed as tightly wrapped pressed bricks”. A total of 135 million dollars in drugs was shipped from Canada to Australia in a shipping container that arrived by sea, containing a vintage Bentley. It arrived at Port Botany in Sydney, according to New South Wales Police.

Long story short, police removed the drugs from the vehicle and later reassembled it back into place so that it looked untouched. They allowed it to proceed on to its journey before arresting a total of 4 suspects, 2 of them that were ultimately pictured and recorded by intelligence officers in trying to retrieve the drugs from the vehicle. Literally caught in the act. Authorities in Canada and Australia are realizing that drugs may be shipped more frequently than they thought.

August 25/22 – 21 yo charged in violent stranger attacks across YVR:

Law enforcement finally found the culprit behind all of those perverted and random attacks that were happening in the Vancouver area. The BC Prosecution Service has approved charges against the suspect, 21-year-old Martin Lamb.

Martin seems like a very troubled individual, and although we have no pictures of him at this moment – we are glad he’s off the streets. The three attacks took place on August 18, when one woman was stabbed, another woman was punched, and a senior was tackled to the ground and kicked. The victims were a 70-year-old man, and two women aged 33 and 23. They all suffered various injuries. The suspect was also apparently involved in a home invasion. Very bad dude.

August 22-26/22 – Dangerous Criminals Being Released ????????:

It all seems way too familiar when we read about a very troubled or dangerous individual being released into society again, even after police issue public warnings about the dangers the individuals may impose.

This was the case in Justin Wayne Collins, whom was released after being arrested a day before.

They say to never judge a book by its cover, but this guy really doesn’t look too innocent. Police basically released him to tell the public “oh we released him, but be careful and let us know if he does anything wrong again!”. People were livid about the release, and even more frustrated at law enforcement’s warning poster.

That wasn’t it though, as John Frederick Field, a 60 year old who was released from Kent state prison and ordered into a half-way home; was ultimately found missing the same day. This is a demon who was granted statutory release on Thursday, and later left his half-way home at 7:30 pm the same day.

They’ve issued a Canada-wide warrant. Unbelievable.

Just look at these criminals who are released back into our society.


August 26/22 – Frank James Found Dead ????:

Homicide investigators have revealed the victims name in connection to the fatal injuries that 47 year old Frank James was found to have, on 76 Avenue near 188 Street around 11:15 p.m.

He died on the scene, and no suspects have been arrested as of yet.

He was found dead inside his home. Click here for the most details that police have released.


Cab driver who survived ????????


Police have finally released some information regarding the suspect who was involved in the fatal shooting that took the life of known drug trafficker, David Chavez-Jara, 30. The father was killed while he was sitting in the back of a taxi-cab, that also unfortunately wounded the cab driver. Luckily, the driver has survived and is fully recovering from the tragedy. David wasn’t so lucky, as the known drug dealer was considered mid-level by officials.

He was shot on August.9th, in the back seat of a cab at a strip mall parking lot in the 14800-block 108 Avenue in Guildford. He died at the scene.

They finally released a sketch that may potentially look like the shooter.

The sketch was probably drawn on the information provided to investigators by the cab driver.

Hopefully they get this guy.

August.26/22 – YEG Shooter Locked ????:

We covered the story in which the husband and wife were shot in a targeted shooting, which ended up killing the innocent female. Talal, the individual that was targeted; made it out alive and is recovered in the hospital.

Rest in peae Nakita

Law enforcement got to it quick, and made an arrest in the double shooting.

34 year old Michael Tyler Arnold, an alleged meth addict was arrested in connection to the homicide and attempted one.

August.26/22 – Ferry Madness ????

A whole lot of madness was going on in regards to a BC ferry that faced major delays and cancellations. The story was getting so out of hand that rumours had taken over the event, as officials did little to nothing in relaying what was going on to the public. Everyone was going around from thinking that someone was tossed over board, to even gunshots killing an individual, and pretty much anything else that you can think of.

Long story short, nothing happened and an individual was arrested for being intoxicated and very high from a variety of drugs.

It’s crazy what rumours can do.


Here’s some extra headlines that made the news, over the last week as well.

“This is another disturbing assault that appears to have occurred without provocation,” says Constable Tania Visintin. “We believe this incident may have been motivated by hate, and we’re asking anyone who recognizes the people in this video to contact our investigators.”

The attack occurred outside a convenience store near Commercial Drive and 10th Avenue in the early hours of July 31. Shortly after midnight, a 42-year-old man stopped off to buy a slurpee after celebrating Pride Week events downtown. There was a brief verbal confrontation between the man and another person who was waiting in line, and when the victim left the store he was jumped by three men.

“The victim had a drink thrown at him, was knocked to the ground, and was repeatedly punched and kicked by three men, while two women watched from a distance,” adds Constable Visintin. “After the attack, the men and women left together, leaving the injured victim on the side of the road.”

Weirdos decided to rob a gay dude… Police got them fast


Racist woman. We covered the story as well. Happened nd a few days ago in Dallas.

Arman Dhillon was finally revealed by investigators as the victim in the Oakville shooting.

The shooter regarding the homicide of:


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