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*6ixak gearing up for 2023*

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Not sure what I would prefer.. getting into a XMAS eve shooting, or having a desperate New Year ⬇️????:

Hope everyone had a solid month and a great end to the year, because we all know how a ‘new-year’ starts in the underworld. It’s a concurrent theme we’ve been seeing, as the years prior to 2023 saw the lives of high prolific criminals getting gunned down. It was Gary Kang in 2021 and Jimi Slice in 2022. If the trend is set to continue, this year is about to be that much more intensified.

Can you even imagine what 2023 has in store?

We CAN; and we’re extremely excited in getting back to things and re-igniting our passion with the website.

We were absent these last few weeks due to personal/family complications, that both our web-dev team and 6ixAk had faced. We want to get rolling immediately – so do not be overwhelmed at the rate in which we will be dropping stories/content/etc.

Clearly we weren’t providing content this last month, and therefore we will be attaching a variety of clips, scenarios, and overall content that we both failed to provide; and deem as the most important and critical situations too look back at. We won’t be dictating a schedule on what to expect with upcoming releases – until our first major story, which is a sequel to an existing series on our blog!

Although our blog remained inactive and without updates, we still managed to break a few discoveries on our IG platform. A prime example of one of these stories was when we first revealed how the incarcerated Red Scorpion SR. member Matt Johnston had lost his life via a health issue. Mainstream outlets soon followed, with Kim Bolan publishing a piece a few hours later. Other then the average drug-bust here and there, it was quite the average month in terms of significant crimes. 2022 was an odd year and was a year that surprisingly saw a lot of Hells Angels being targeted by law enforcement.

If we were going to cover EVERY SINGLE SCENARIO that we had failed to deliver this past month, this would probably have been a 2+ hour read. A lot of situations have already been covered by other outlets, and therefore we have to assume that majority of our audience are well informed on December’s major incidents. This recap serves as a quick and effective write-up that displays content WE KNOW you haven’t been exposed too. Many of you that will still want us to go back and cover some of the situations that had occurred this past month will not have to worry. Through the use of our galleries and VOTD series as an example; we will go back and touch-up on the absent content.

2022 In 7 Minutes ????


Top crime story of year: Prolific offenders causing problems across B.C:


While the media is correct in pointing out how prolific offenders are one of the most severe concerns to the nation; we believe that the younger generation/high school clowns deserve equal recognition. It’s only going to get messier, as we just saw the recent stabbing in a Surrey school parking lot. It’s pretty much everyday, in terms of us being swarmed with non-sense user-submissions from schools across the province:

  • INCIDENT #1:


  • INCIDENT #2:



  • INCIDENT #3:


  • INCIDENT #4:

Long story short, a female was crying outside of a club on a sidewalk. A group of guys who were in the vicinity waiting for their coke-dealer had witnessed the female in distress, as she was visibly crying. About a minute later, a male shows up in a vehicle and that’s when the action ensues. It was alleged that the male was a good friend of the female and was only there to safely get her home. The group of men believed the guy was up to no good, which transitioned into an argument that ended up in our telegram GC ⬇️.

One of the 2 men who were shot and killed by Kaunka at the Hookah lounge a few years back was being disrespected by the female and male. This is because the younger brother is believed to have been the one who attacked the vehicle.

  • INCIDENT #5:


  • INCIDENT #6:


Before we get into the foundation that has developed the degenerate known as Michael out of the ‘MM’ crew; let’s look at his most recent interaction with law enforcement:

  • Drillmanz was allegedly arrested alongside his friend for assaulting an individual? Or conspiring about it?
  • The officer calls him by his first name, signifying some sort of relationship. Michael stops recording as he gets ‘punked’ by the officer.
  • It’s important to note that this is an individual who enjoys the spotlight of being a ‘criminal’, or in his shoes, a ‘wannabe’.

His circle of friends isn’t really the greatest. Before this recent arrest of 2 hours, Michael went viral across the country for his role in the ‘5 man bench-zombie combo’. Drillmanz and his friends were spotted on a bench, unconscious and almost lifeless after overdosing on fentanyl. Luckily, first responders did their job:

If it wasn’t the drugs that had nearly taken his life from him, it was a vicious stabbing that resulted in the demon having to resort to a ‘shit-bag’:


So why is it that this kid just continues to get himself in trouble and in the wrong situations? It’s because of the way he was brought up and raised, and though this may be the fault of his parents or family; he is the way he is because of the generation he represents. After all, he is an aspiring drill-rapper who is currently selling dime-bags to make ends meet in the studio. And to be fair, there’s over a 100 Drillmanz in his crew alone, known as the Muddy Mob gangsters. They’re all degenerates:

In the following video, the MM demons seek revenge after getting ejected from the house-party video that was seen above.


It seems as if we’re getting hit more and more with tragic homicides and situations that are occurring in our societies. Whether it be the killing of the innocent delivery driver who was mistaken for an unidentified target, or the police officer who was killed by a homeless person; it really does feel like things are getting worse.

Just recently, a young woman by the name of Zailey was ruled dead by her mother after an incomplete search/amber-alert was set out for the female. Zailey’s close friend was also mysteriously killed a year prior.



Our approach in 2023 was to become more broad and cover gangs and crime across both of Canada’s coasts. It’s safe to say that TDN will have much more to offer than it’s previous focus in the lower-mainland. With that being said, we didn’t miss out on too much with the Toronto scene other than certain clown-like tendencies that gangsters have expressed (see above). And we all obviously miss the notorious Top5, who is allegedly going to be a free man in the coming months. You guys ready?

Casper TNG had just recently spoken to the GGG CEO : https://www.instagram.com/p/Cm4QjMrP6hK/

It was quite the year for Top5, who was living lavishly in California at the start of the last new year before being captured by the law:

Aside from the usual mess that goes on daily in Toronto’s neighbourhoods, nothing too shocking had occurred other than the recent chain-snatching incident which featured a 3M chain:

To make matters even more ‘Toronto-Like’, SickPPL went on Instagram live with his gang associate and flaunted the chain that was visibly stripped off the neck of a 3M gang member. The crazy part about this all is the fact that nearly every CLE/3M member has gone rogue and silent on social media since the event; with some indicating that a massive retaliation is on the way.

The tension and rivalry between Pressa and Moula’s neighbourhoods has seemed to have heightened. WHYG recently released a single that explained how Moula had been charged for sexual assault; and Moula goes on social media and taunts his enemies with creative marketing:

Apart from the controversy surrounding Toronto’s rappers and mainstream gangsters; the city continues to increase in gun violence and criminals are becoming more savvy at evading justice. An example of this is 1hunnid’s cousin in Saed Osman. Below, you can find a very interesting video that explains his role in the disturbing mass shooting that had taken place in Edmonton’s Ertale lounge:

Excellent watch. Youtuber up next.

Make sure you guys are checking the website everyday. We will not be absent again.

All subscribers who remained active will receive an email regarding a complimentary gift/bonus from the TDN team.

Let’s have a great year and let’s hope we don’t see to many switch-ups in these next 12 months:

P.S: The Ruffians Are Still Smelling Farts In NightClubs: ⬇️????

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1 year ago

Matt Johnston probably not dead. He’s a rat now

1 year ago
Reply to  Marksman

Bro I literally picked him up and brought him to the morgue. He had cancer. Shit bag and all

1 year ago
Reply to  Marksman

On my mama, he’s literally dead. Bacons a rat now. Di they fke his death. What about all the other rats. Nope. Just believe, he’s fuckin dead. I have a p

1 year ago

Where was that first video shooting at

1 year ago

Do a story on gurnit dhaliwal running over the guy on lefveure in abbotsford, he is shreks xousin

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