WhiteRock Shooting: What Happened?

A diligent member of the community reached out to us late one Thursday evening, on February 22nd of this year. The content of his message was initially difficult to grasp, but upon learning about what his step-daughter had overheard in her bedroom while half-asleep, the severity of the situation became all too clear.

The location of the incident was not a typical hotspot associated with criminal activity such as an underground parking lot or a well-known condo building frequented by notorious individuals. Instead, it occurred on an ordinary residential street inhabited by middle to upper-class families. Despite the seemingly safe environment, over 50 gunshots echoed through WhiteRock that night, miraculously without resulting in any fatalities.

The subsequent video footage and the harrowing ordeal described represent a nightmare that no family should ever endure. Sadly, this is the grim reality we find ourselves facing. The ongoing gang conflict in the lower mainland affects us all and shows no signs of abating.

Gunshots heard in step-daughters room:

The true gravity and sheer madness of this shooting remained elusive to many until footage emerged. While there was a sense of unease among us when the video, which I’m about to share, started circulating on our feeds, it wasn’t until we all watched it that the full extent of the incident became apparent.

One of the most widely circulated incidents we covered on our platform occurred earlier this year, captivating not just Canada but the entire continent. It’s unsettling to realize that what was once a shocking event—a BC gang shooting—now seems almost commonplace.

Our platform has a history of delving into significant stories, reaching back to the notorious YVR airport shooting, where the perpetrators from Min-Zhin and Whitlock managed to evade capture with apparent ease.

3 out of 4 individuals in this photo have all been shot within weeks apart, with one of them now deceased in Johnson aka Buddha. Jvne & Andru are the other 2 visible in the photo.

The WhiteRock shooting stands out as one of the most significant criminal incidents our platform has covered, primarily due to the extensive media coverage it garnered and the recognition we received from several major media outlets.


From the potential Conservative party PM, Pierre, to nearly every media outlet across North America, the shooting received widespread coverage. Its significance parallels that of Karman Grewal’s homicide because the entire incident became public knowledge after we initially released it on the X platform, ultimately leading to it going viral.

We will not be voting for the prick because he decided to cut out our watermark.

https://twitter.com/6ixAdemiks/status/1760863454615806317 – shoutout global news

Three out of the four victims of the shooting have been confirmed for approximately a month now. The reason we haven’t disclosed the identity of the fourth victim is due to the potential long-term injuries he may be enduring for the rest of his life.

The three confirmed victims of the shooting were targeted BIBO members:

Jvne captured in the middle – The late deceased Austin Grewal captured on right.

For more information regarding BIBO’s Austin Grewal:


Jvne stands out as the most prolific BIBO rapper, particularly following the tragic news of DrillDoc’s homicide. The BIBO Entertainment YouTube channel has been relatively quiet, with only one video released in the past year—Jvne’s single, which he dropped shortly after being released from prison.

Speculation is rife that both Jvne and DrillDoc served their sentences at the same institution.

Given his prominence and the dwindling numbers in the BIBO scene, Jvne will be receiving his own exclusive character profile.


Hector emerges as the most controversial figure among the victims of that fateful night, largely due to his reputation as the perennial “class clown” throughout his upbringing. What makes his situation particularly contentious is the alleged recent foray into the criminal underworld, a stark departure from his previous persona. Sadly, he has now become ensnared in the perils of that lifestyle. Despite the ordeal, he has managed to make a successful recovery.

The events of the shootout remain shrouded in mystery, with uncertainty surrounding the whereabouts of each individual involved. However, we have endeavored to reconstruct the events of that night based on information provided by the late DrillDoc.

It is our belief that Andru and the unnamed fourth victim sustained more extensive injuries compared to Jvne and Hector. There is speculation that Andru may have been the individual who attempted to flee the scene, ultimately leading to the collision captured in the footage we have made available below.


There’s a prevailing argument that Hector managed to exit the vehicle and largely avoided harm until he was struck by a stray bullet.

As for Jvne, his exact whereabouts during the shootout remain unknown. However, according to Jasmit, also known as DrillDoc, there’s speculation that Jvne was actively pursuing the shooters with his own firearm.

We’ve chosen to unveil only a select few screenshots of DrillDoc’s insights regarding the WhiteRock incident, with the rest available on our newly released Doc VIP banger.

The following images are NOT IN ORDER. Piece it together as best you can.

As previously reported, it appears that every individual involved in Indy Pamma’s robbery has met a tragic end, including DrillDoc. Whether this is merely a coincidence or not, it’s reminiscent of what happened to the five shooters involved in the attack on DG years ago.

Following the robbery, there has been an increase in sightings of BK gangsters brandishing firearms. Videos depicting such instances have found their way onto our platform:

It’s crucial to note that Andru was purportedly responsible for the majority of the damage inflicted during the robbery, leading us to believe that he was the primary target in the WhiteRock shooting. As Jasmit asserts, his associates were allegedly attempting to execute a “play,” essentially intending to rob the suspects. However, as evidenced by the outcome, the situation clearly did not unfold favorably for the BIBO gangsters.

Indy Pamma fell victim to a robbery on a rainy night in Vancouver in late 2023, losing his Rolex watch, an alleged Cuban chain, and several vital forms of identification. The aftermath of this incident became known as the “greasy-neck tour,” during which nearly every BIBO gangster proudly displayed selfies with the confiscated jewelry.

BK high-ranking member Indy Pamma’s Rolex in the possession of BIBO gangsters

Nobody knew what this was going to lead too, and whether or not Indy would actually retaliate.

Our prediction proved eerily accurate, as gunfire erupted in the days and weeks following the exposure of his ID on social media. One by one, BIBO gangsters fell victim to violence—some sustaining injuries, while others lost their lives.

It all began with the homicide of Johnson, also known as Buddha:

One of Drilldoc’s closest friends, and one of BIBO’s major earners had been the first domino to fall; as he was getting into his baby-blue Jaguar after departing a late-night Asian fast food joint in Burnaby.

It was a death that had impacted every BIBO gangster, especially the ones inside considering how Johnson was the first to make sure money was in everyone’s books.

Jasmit spared no effort in his quest to uncover the identity of the individual who submitted the legendary footage. Despite his relentless pursuit, we were unable to divulge such sensitive information.

The pain of losing his friend was palpable, evident in Jasmit’s daily tributes to his fallen comrade. Tragically, Jasmit himself would meet a similar fate, succumbing to gunshot wounds not long after.

Long story short, DrillDoc and the BIBO camp claim the shooting as a robbery/play gone bad.

The opposition have argued that specific BIBO gangsters have been hunted without a clue.

Trackers like these may have been under some of their vehicles without even knowing it.

Crazy next few days. Stay tuned. We are officially back.

The following gallery consists of some hints and clues at some storyline’s we may be covering in the next few days.

Pistol P’s character profile will be up next for VIP members.


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