Set Rankings: Q1

Rankings for the first quarter revealed a significant escalation in the BC gang scene throughout the latter half of 2023. The surge in violence wasn’t confined to lower-tier criminal figures; high-profile homicides occurred monthly, reminiscent of the upheaval in 2021-2022 when a Dhaliwal’s elimination triggered a series of retaliatory strikes that reverberated across the nation.

The chaos of the new year was marked by attention-grabbing incidents like viral BRUTAL arrests and the continuous targeting of prominent establishments, exemplified by the recent raid on a Hells Angels clubhouse. The swift succession of violent events, including the back-to-back shootings of two blood-brothers, painted a turbulent picture.

In this snapshot of the current state, the featured photo pays tribute to the Brothers Keepers gang, acknowledging their dominant presence in the opening months of 2024. Notably, this marks the first instance since the inception of our set-rankings that they have surpassed the United Nations faction, led by Skidz.

Given the depth and complexity of the situation, this piece will only briefly touch upon certain aspects.

  • Police Gang – #1

The boys in blue will always be at the top of the leaderboard. These guys will continue to get away with whatever they want, and the fact of the matter in today’s society is that the crooked cop is far too common. No other gang has the type of power that the badge carries, and it’ll remain that way until the world is no more.

  • Hells Angels – #2

There’s no doubt that law enforcement have been cracking down more than ever on the bikers. Raid after raid, past criminal cases now coming to light, it’s truly hit a new age for the 81 clan. These guys aren’t as immortal as they once were, but that’s not to say that they still don’t have the underworld in their palms.

They display a lack of reservation when it comes to public appearances, whether it’s at a gym or during the nagar kirtan. These individuals do not shy away from the public eye, making their presence known without hesitation.

  • WolfPack – #3:

The recent legal troubles surrounding Damian Ryan have undoubtedly impacted the WolfPack set. However, their enduring strength lies in the robust alliance they maintain with the Hells Angels, ensuring their consistent prominence in the criminal underworld. Their international reach further solidifies their position, and notably, they pioneered the integration of ‘technology’ into the criminal landscape, maintaining a leading role in this aspect.

It is crucial to highlight that the WolfPack set continues to elude law enforcement, harboring the most wanted Canadian, Rabih Alkhalil. The latest intelligence from our sources suggests that he is currently residing in Lebanon. This development sets the stage for an intriguing year ahead for the WolfPack.

  • Brothers Keepers – #4:

There’s a pattern to the Brothers Keepers’ strategy of making a significant impact on the lower mainland either towards the end or the beginning of a year. This trend was observed previously with Gary Kang, and it has repeated itself with the events of this intense January. Initial expectations suggested a challenging year for them, particularly as a majority of their leaders had relocated from the province for safety concerns. Furthermore, the official guilty conviction handed to their most renowned operative didn’t bode well for their prospects.

The recent back-to-back killings of Amritpal Saran and Johnson within a 48-hour timeframe played a pivotal role in the notable ascent of their overall ranking. The Brothers Keepers gang has consistently operated on a principle of seeking retribution, and this ethos was once again evident in the case of ‘Buddha’ (Johnson). Notably, Johnson had been involved in the robbery of a Brothers Keepers leader’s jewelry, marking him as a target for the gang’s “get-back” mentality.

Brother’s Keepers leaders are still living luxuriously and comfortably, as seen in this legendary footage obtained by yours truly:

  • BIBO / REDSCORPIONS – #5 (tie)

Firstly, it’s crucial to address some circulating street rumors. There are allegations suggesting a potential drift and emerging issues between Jamie Bacon and Sameet Kang, the leader of BIBO. While these claims remain unconfirmed, there is considerable talk surrounding the matter, which will be further explored in due course.

The term ‘Shit-Skin’ might’ve offended SK, as he was exposed to the video when the rest of us initially were: Peter Adiwal 🐐

In addition to their widely-publicized altercation resulting in the theft of a senior Brothers Keepers gangster’s jewelry, the BIBO members have been actively making their presence felt in various provinces. Following the majority of their members’ arrests, their focus appears to have shifted to provinces like Ontario (Brampton), Alberta, and even Saskatchewan. In terms of generating revenue through programs and operations, these individuals have demonstrated a savvy understanding.

However, when it comes to aspects of survival, encompassing staying out of legal troubles or ensuring personal safety, it seems they still have considerable work to do. The recent loss of Johnson is acknowledged with a somber note – may he rest in peace.

BIBO Human Trafficking monster – PonyBoy

  • UN GANG – SKIDZ FACTION #5 (tie)

The UN faction have obviously been through some tough times. They have lost brand-name after brand-name, and it appears that they are declining in almost every aspect in the underworld.

This year should be an exciting one, in regards to what the gang decides to do in re-emerging as a dominant clan.

They have never been ranked below the #4 spot, and have always found themselves slightly underneath the WolfPack organization. This is largely due to the fact that WP was solely responsible in taking out the Skidz & Slice faction main leader: Jimi ‘Slice’.

Rest in paradise Umba.

Rest in paradise Samra brothers.

Rest in paradise Gagan.

  • Unranked: Dippers/Indian Government Operatives

These losers don’t deserve any of our time.

If they aren’t extorting our hard-working and innocent people, they’re posting ads like this:

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