Burnaby Shooting Victim Identified πŸ’€:

Rip PK aka Mustafa (new updates below) It’s getting reckless in Canada and we’re seeing violence stretch out nation-wide, with the most recent homicide coming out of Burnaby. Last night around 11 pm in the 4700-block of Hastings street, Prince Khan or otherwise known as PK was riddled with bullets and pronounced dead at the […]

Toni Dalipi Declared A Murder Suspect🚨:

News broke out after court records were made public today – in regards to the deceased gangster in Toni Dalipi who was gunned down in Burnaby, late last year. It’s been officially reported that Toni was the primary murder suspect in Baileys homicide; as we have declared and stated in the early months of the […]

🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡 OF AUGUST:

We’re releasing our Apple playlist again, and including a Spotify one as well. For now, we’ll give you guys a recap on what we were listening to in the month of August. Mixtapes, albums, singles, etc – we won’t keep it exclusive to Canadian artists only. Announcement on our daily-updated playlists will be released in […]

The Kang Brothers – Intro

This is a very long read. Before you start, you should familiarize yourself with our Shmoney, Drilldoc, Lololundski, BK Set Profile and COTW edition that stars ARAB. These reads will all help you understand the Kangs, that much more. Randeep Kang (deceased)on left, Sameet Kang (incarcerated) on right. The Kang brothers were another trio of […]

Shakiel Basra Arrested πŸ”’:

United Nations well known gangster, Shakiel Basra aka Shak; was arrested on August.31st, along with another associate. Surrey RCMP on Friday said that Shakiel Singh Basra, 28, involved in gang and organized crime-related violence was arrested on Wednesday and remains in custody. He’ll probably be out in a few days, but this is an impressive […]

Mani Amar 🐐 Documentary Links:

The man who was killed in yesterdays altercation was none other than well known film-maker, Mani Amar. 40 years of age, he was found dead on the scene after getting into a physical argument with a neighbour. The individual was arrested on the scene, and is currently in police custody. We were the first to […]

Racist Sikh Man In πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ:

Before we get into the vicious footage that stars Tejinder Singh, a 37 year old California man who was charged with a hate-crime after verbally harassing a Hindu man – in Taco Bell. We want to look at some of the responses that the twitter world was sharing in regards to the situation. It’s pretty […]

Mani Amar Killed After Altercation:

There has been many rumours going around as to who the murderer was, in regards to Mani Amar’s tragic death. Instagram accounts have even surfaced that have intended on seeking out justice, as the homicide suspect was actually recently released on all charges. Take a look. Who could the killer be? We have reason to […]