In our November Recap – we explained how we will be resuming video uploads on both galleries (subscribers and non) on Sunday the 13th, along with the continuation of our VOTD series. Since we begun the series yesterday night for our VIP members, we decided to get this rolling as well! For those that are […]

YYC FOB – Set Profile Intro:

Police say before two clear sides evolved, it was just a group of friends selling drugs and enjoying the easy lifestyle it could buy. Some apparently had a clubhouse in Edmonton, where sources say the sister of several men, later involved in gang activity, was raped. Others claim the violence began when a group of […]

2 Pit bulls Kill Baby & Toddler 😱

VIEWER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED ???? A pair of family pit bulls mauled a 2 year old girl and 5 month-old boy to death, whilst leaving the mother in critical condition as she attempted to fight the dogs off. It’s seems like a script out of a HollyWood movie, but on Wednesday afternoon – just […]


All of our videos for today’s ????OTD will revolve around headlines and news-worthy scenarios. They all occur in Canada, and more specifically in and around BC. We have a maintenance update scheduled for 3:30 AM PST tonight, but if you’re a subscriber and you’re a night-owl; make sure you stay up for our first release/update […]