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Police say before two clear sides evolved, it was just a group of friends selling drugs and enjoying the easy lifestyle it could buy. Some apparently had a clubhouse in Edmonton, where sources say the sister of several men, later involved in gang activity, was raped. Others claim the violence began when a group of buddies were dealing drugs and one went out on his own, creating rival groups while some say a dispute over distribution of crime proceeds led to a splinter group and made enemies of friends.

If there was a moment in time which might mark the start of the deadly war our set-profile is based on, many say it goes back to a 2001 shooting at a party in Huntington Hills. When the 17-year-old Brandon Boychuk was clinging to life after being shot several times as he was running down an alley. No one was ever charged. “Everybody at the party knows who he is,” Insp. Keith Pollack said at the time of the shooting. “The problem is no one is telling us.” As the bloodshed goes on unabated years later, that frustrating silence is still a sorry reality, a roadblock for police to laying charges in gang slayings that play out on city streets and recently took the life of an innocent man. Despite making repeat appearances on the gang radar over the years, Boychuk has recently kept a low-profile, at least from police. Some say he attended a funeral for gangster Sanjeev Mann this year — the man who along with Boychuk was hit in a 2007 shooting — while some say he is laying low. Others insist he walked away from the world of crime.

The VIP version to this intro aka our SEQUEL will be published in 12 hours from now – (exclusive content, graphic violence, indo-canadian members involved, etc)

This introduction will look different than our previous set profiles in (BK SP RUFFIAN SPKANG SP) – and this is because we will be breaking the gang down through a timeline of events, beginning with our introduction that looks at the origin of the gang and it’s drift that originated FK. We will continue our sequel in looking at events and scenarios that have ultimately led up to Trong Nguyen’s death, as well as gangs in BC that have had close links to Calgary’s FOB/FK sets, all of our graphic violence in connection to these Asian gangsters and so much more! Instead of releasing an introduction for subscribers first, we decided to publish this introduction so we can get more people subscribed and ready to take in our sequel! We’re so close to 1k subscribers, and everyone knows we got some craziness to unleash.

Before we look into events and scenarios that shaped the YYC underworld into what it is today, here’s some key names that you’ll be seeing and hearing about:


FK members posing inside Drumheller institution. According to CBC News, FOB members and FK members are kept at separate institutions. FOB members usually stay at Bowden Institution in Innisfail.
  • Nick Chan – (CURRENT LEADER)

-Full Breakdown In Sequel

  • Tim Chan – (Current Leader)
  • Chin Brothers –
  • Trong Nguyen –



  • 1990-2000: In the 90’s – a group of men (now known as FOB/FK gangsters) attended a high-school together in Forest Lawn. Together – they called themselves the FOB group (Fresh Off The Boat) due to the vast amount of members that were asian. Eventually – a dispute broke out between some of the teenagers and they split into two, with the new group being called FK (Fresh Off The Boat Killers). This was the same time when FOB started to go by “Fresh Outta Bullets”, after the war started to pick up.
  • MARCH 2001: The war wasn’t really getting any media attention until 2002, but crime reporters such as Jason van Rassel did report on seeing early signs of the emerging war. Unfortunately – there were no media reports to back any of his claims.
  • FEB – DEC 2002: Adam Mui and his death on Feb.17/22 was considered to be the actual start to the war, whereas others state that the war only took off when Jason Youn was wounded in a drive-by shooting on Dec.23/02. The reason why was because Youn was with the Chan brothers, whom at the time were considered two of the highest ranking members in the FOB set. 6 days after this shooting – 2 FK members in Vinh Lee and Lijnju (Billy) Ly were killed in what was seen as retaliation.

Feb. 17 — Adam Miu, 18, is stabbed at Today’s Cafe and Karaoke Bar downtown. He was not a gang member. Vuthy Kong was given a seven-year manslaughter sentence for the killing. He was granted a retrial after the Supreme Court agreed self-defence wasn’t looked at in the original one. The decision was upheld at the retrial. John Pheng, who was killed in 2005, pleaded guilty to stabbing Adam’s brother, Peter, during the fight.

Dec. 29 — Vinh Le, 29, is shot in a downtown afterhours nightclub where assailants walked across a dance floor to a table where he sat and shot him. Police said he was a Fresh of the Boat Killers associate or member.

Dec. 29 — Linju Ly, an FBK member, the driver in the Southcentre shooting where a 19-year-old was injured, is gunned down while shovelling outside his parents’ Renfrew home. Hours later his father calls for an end to the violence.

  • JAN – JUNE 2003: Following those killings, the Calgary Police took action and created the “Synergy” task force. Although this was the first step in putting an end in what was to come, the police were still unwilling to admit that FOB vs FK was actually a gang war. The task-force didn’t do much but put away many FK/FOB members for petty crimes, ultimately leading them to dominate jail-cells and start building alliances with native gangs.

Jan. 29 — Long Dinh, 33, killed in a knife attack at the Warehouse nightclub downtown. He was said to be a gang associate but it is unknown if his murder was part of the ongoing dispute.

  • 2004: Gang activities starting to quiet down in Alberta because of the task-force’s arrests on numerous gangsters. It all came to an end when the death of Mathew Anderson briefly broke that silence. Anderson, an associate with FOB members, was killed during a street fight in Chinatown. Afterwards, Calgary’s streets went silent again. (Shot during a street-fight on Oct.16, 2004)

Jan. 1 — Tay (Jason) Dang, 18, stabbed to death while out with friends. Police said he was killed because he was dating John Pheng’s ex-girlfriend.

  • 2005: It’s early 2005, the FOBs and FKs are being released from prison, and the violence begins again. Between Jan. 29 and July 9, John Pheng (FK), Peter Huynh (FOB associate), Sophorn Kim (mistaken for FK), Dat Le and Chuong Tran (FOBs) were killed. This is when police really started to address this war and it’s because they realized this was something they had never seen. This was the new age of gangsters and they were so hard to stop because they couldn’t be located, it was a battle for money – not turf.

Feb. 26 — FBK member John Pheng, 22, is shot in a busy martini bar on 17 Ave. S.W. Police have video of the attack but no arrests have been made. They were poised, before his death, to lay charges against him for Dang’s murder. Police said they have not ruled out he may be behind the fatal stabbing of Aaron Shoulders, who was not a gang member, in August of 2003. (MORE DETAILS ON PHENG IN OUR SEQUEL – THIS GUY WAS THE DEFINITION OF AN INDIVIDUAL WHO SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN A GANGSTER)

May 20 — Peter Huynh, 19, and said to be a Fresh of the Boat associate is repeatedly shot at by a masked gunman at a Forest Lawn gas station where he sat alone in his Honda Civic. He had just finished gassing up and was on his way to meet his parents.

June 4 — Sophorn Kim, 21, is leaving a kickboxing tournament and shot after taking a seat in a vehicle where an FBK member was sitting earlier in the evening. Police say he was the victim of mistaken identity and his family later went public with a plea to end the violence.

July 9 — A gunman wearing a hoodie runs up to the SUV where Chuong (David) Tran, 21, and Dat Le, 22, are sitting and fires at close-range while Le’s brother escapes being struck. They are said to be members of the FOB gang. A man in a car nearby with a young child is horrified to find shell casings while a dozens of gawkers crowds around the crime scene where the bodies lie under a tarp. Le, who survived an earlier shooting, was said to be a suspect in the 2002 killing of Linju Ly. Tran’s cousin, Peter Huynh, was shot weeks earlier.

David Tran
  • March.8/2006: — Tan Diep, 22, a longtime FOB member is shot while in a car in an industrial area at Barlow Trail and 50th Ave. S.E. At approximately 11:00 PM, Tan DIEP was sitting in a vehicle when an unknown vehicle pulled up beside them and began shooting into the vehicle striking two of the occupants. DIEP and the other passenger were driven to the hospital where DIEP died of his injuries.
  • 2007-2008: The gang war reached its height with eight lives lost – the majority being friends or family of gang members. Multiple names were taken out during this period, including the first indo-canadian in Gurjinder Dhillon, to have been killed. Majority of these homicides are all cold-cases that will probably never receive any real justice.

Feb. 3/07 — Adam Cavanagh, 18, is shot in the head by a bullet fired through the basement window of his family’s home. His parents were upstairs at the time. It is said to be gang-related. During later court testimony, it was revealed that two days earlier Cavanagh was the victim of a violent robbery attempt when he met up with men he had sold cocaine to in the past. (no pic)

April 16/07 — Son Nguyen, a 26-year-old said to be with FOB, is shot in the garage of the Saddleridge home while his young child and girlfriend are inside. Police later say gangster Mark Kim is a possible suspect in the killing.

June 1/07 – Organized crime figure Minh Tri Truoung, 51, shot outside his Hamptons home. He is the uncle of FOB members Roland and Roger Chin.

Dec. 31 — Mark Kim, 23, an FBK member, is hit in a daytime shooting in a downtown alley. He was downtown that day to report to a probation officer. Testifying at his friend Vuthy Kong’s retrial for manslaughter in 2007, Kim told court — “It’s stupid to say, but it’s natural, it’s that type of crowd where you die young.” He was released on $1,000 bail while awaiting charges for court breeches just three days before he was shot. Mark KIM had just left a scheduled probation meeting and began walking down the back alley in the 600 block of 8 Street SW. Unknown suspects approached KIM in a dark colored SUV and shot and killed him.

*2008 homicides* ⬇️

June 28 — Gurjinder Singh Dhillon, 25, is stabbed to death at a restaurant in what police said might have began as an innocuous fight. Police said the 25-year-old was not a gang member but at the time had not ruled out the assailants may be and sources said he was friends with several gang associates.

July 5 — Roger Chin, 23, loses control of his luxury SUV after being shot as he drove along Centre St. N. A woman runs out of her home and up to the scene, terrified to see bullet holes in the vehicle. Chin’s brother, Roland, who police say is an original FOB member, was serving a jail term for drug and weapons offences at the time. Some mourners wore matching baseball caps with the words “Forever Our Brother” on them to Roger’s funeral. He was shot about a half-dozen times at a Falconridge gas station just months earlier, an attack police said stemmed from ongoing disputes between the two gangs.

July 26 — Tuc (Tony) Tran is shot while sitting in a car parked in Chinatown. The former gang member was sent to jail for the 1995 fatal shooting of Ryan Davids. He was said to be friends with gang members but police had not determined if that was the motive in his killing. On July 26, 2008, at approximately 11:22 PM, Tuc (Tony) TRAN had parked his vehicle on the north curb of the 100 block of 2 Avenue SE and was waiting in the vehicle. An unknown suspect approached the vehicle and fired several shots into the vehicle killing TRAN. The unknown suspect was described as 5’8”, wearing dark colored clothing and fled west on 2 Avenue SE after the shooting.

Aug. 9 — Kevin Anaya, 21, and an FBK associate, is shot while walking in front of a northeast home. Friends said they thought it was a case of mistaken identity but police said they had no reason to believe the attack was random. (wasn’t in a gang)

Aug. 20 — Robbie Anthony Jones, 20, is gunned down outside the Saddleridge home he shared with friends. He is said to be a gang associate and friends with several other slain young men.

Sept. 16 — Jason Viet Quoc Luong, 20, is gunned down outside the Chestermere home he shared with his family. His sister finds him collapsed on the front steps. A marijuana grow operation is later found by police inside. Luong has gang ties to Calgary, a possible factor in the killing which police also said could be drug-related.

Oct. 26 — Student Tina Kong and friend Kevin Ses are fatally shot in a northeast restaurant. They were both 21. Police say Tina, who was a nursing student — a career path she had chosen to help people after surviving two aneurysms — had no gang association while police in Calgary and as far away as Brooks say Ses was involved with the FBK.

Tina had no gang involvement whatsoever. RIP
Kevin was linked with gangs
  • 2009: We will conclude our introduction with this year and it’s events that ultimately led to law enforcement taking it another level, in regards to stopping these gangsters. Our sequel will include the aftermath of “the tipping point” and all of the events that led up to our most recent homicide in Trong Nguyen. In 2009 – The city of Calgary was rocked with a triple murder on New Years Day, when 3 people were killed (1 innocent) at the Bolsa restaurant. This was when feds realized enough was enough, and we never really saw things escalate at the level we had seen in 08-09.

Jan. 1 — Several gunmen kill three men at a southeast Vietnamese restaurant in a mid-day shooting. Police say Keni Su’a, 43, was an innocent man targeted simply because he was there and said to be running for his life when he was struck. He was killed along with Aaron Bendle, a 21-year-old police stopped short of calling a gang member but said was a drug dealer. Also killed was gang member Sanjeev Mann, 22, who was wearing a bullet-proof vest at the time. Mann and his brother, Ranjit, both said to be known to the Southern Alberta Gang Enforcement Team, were both charged after a long-term drug investigation. While Sanjeev was not convicted his brother is still behind bars.
Sanjeev survived a 2001 shooting. But didn’t this time, even though he had a vest.

Sanjeev (gangster) – Aaron (good kid but got himself involved in the wrong things, was recently kidnapped before he ended up dying on New Years) – And Innocent Victim.

Jan. 13, 2009 — Matthew Chubak, 20, is killed when a Dodge Durango is sprayed with bullets while driving in the southeast. Two other men, including one said to be an FOB associate, are injured. Police say Chubak was involved in gang activity, involved in a previous gang shooting and on bail awaiting trafficking charges at the time. He was said to be a victim in a Nov. 16, 2008, incident where five suspected gangsters were charged after a shootout which sent five people to hospital. Brothers Daniel and Marcel Landry, Chantha Kim, the brother of Mark Kim and a youth face charges in that case as does Shaun Roberts, who was injured in the incident.

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