Character Profile: Big Boparai🐐

Where do I even begin with the fierce Big Boparai. One of the most feared men in all of ????????, this is an individual whom is heavily linked to very well connected members of the United Nations set (set break-down either tonight or tomorrow). You’ve most certainly seen videos of the viral creature over social media, but you probably don’t know what or who this guy is behind the scenes as there is lots that isn’t explained about Nick.

Before we take a deeper look into Boparai (given name is presumed to be Nick), you can click here to view his actual instagram.

Living lavishly under the UN payroll.

From the outside looking in, Nick is a very challenged and troubled individual. It could’ve been because of a difficult childhood or a heartbreak or even a car accident but what most understand him as, is an addict that needs help. We are unsure whether or not he’s ever had a presence in the drug trade but we do know he loves ❄️ and was or is still allegedly a truck driver that actually owns a few trucks himself ????.

The reason why he is so interesting as a character is because he has deep family relations ???? with the late, great Jimi Slice Sandhu. One of UN’s most developed and respected gangsters, a deported Canadian; was actually married to Nick’s sister: Mindy Boparai. Mindy obviously condemns everything he does over the camera and has actually tried to get her brother to rehabilitation several times. Take a look at her sad tribute dedicated to her fallen husband (Slice Profile tomorrow).

Jimis story is going to be an absolute ????, in-fact I actually have a very wild photo of Mindy (????) that Jujhar Khun-Khun had actually reached out to me via his team and asked me to remove. I respectfully removed the photo from the telegram GC, however I will be releasing this picture for subscribers – next week (sorry Jujhar, its just too legendary). For now though, let’s start to understand Boparai as much as we can.

I sincerely do not know what he is up to these days, as he’s been hiding from the ????. BUT, because we’re the top journalist in the game – we have very exclusive footage of how he is currently shaped.

It’s pretty much a given that if anyone tried to hurt this guy or do anything to harm him, Jimi and his demons were going to wrap you up ????. Regardless of whether or not Slice thought Nick was doing a little too much, he was going to protect and ensure his brother-in-laws safety at all times. Some have stated that the only reason they are family is because Jimi apparently only married Mindy in attempt to win his deportation case, but failed anyway. And we all know that he wasn’t exactly the most faithful man after leaving ???????? – but it was also rumoured that Mindy was just as unfaithful.

Aside from all the family politics, Slice is now dead and Boparai is now quiet. I don’t think anyone would ever harm this guy considering that he’s seen as a legendary figure in the west-coast.

Now the part you all came here to see – his trilogy of videos composing of cocaine-infused partying and a whole bunch of crazy shit. Enjoy it, as this was never really a significant character profile in terms of the gang culture but still prioritized very highly as he’s a very essential topic we will always continue to cover.

Before you guys watch these clips of Big Boparai, associates closest to him have blamed the drug abuse on a very critical motor-vehicle collision that he was involved in. It allegedly impacted his cognitive development and it’s been on full display ever since. We hope he’s been improving and we will continue to update you guys.

Big Boparai snorting a hollywood ❄️ before almost killing his friend.

The hall party that never happened…

RIP Paul and Global (big opps)


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