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Jasmit Badesha, more commonly referred to as ‘Drilldoc’, is a west coast artist that has seen it all in his 23 years of existence. At one point in his early life, doc was considered an honourable Brothers Keepers member/ ???? worker until the viral images of his vicious beating came to light. This was a young teen at the time who made a few mistakes and was taught the hard way. It’s pretty much a given that you are bound to receive a licking or two when you commit to a lifestyle like he did. However, what had shocked the entirety of BC was the individuals that orchestrated the entire thing were none other than Drilldocs own blood cousins.

When it comes to these drug lines, it’s important to understand that most of these guys running phones will always tend to recruit a family member or have family involved in some sort of manner. Why? Well with most immigrant cultures and backgrounds its obvious that family is prioritized. If you can’t even trust your little cousins or brothers to help run a line by driving for an example, how will you be able to trust anyone else? That was the case with Jasmit. A young teenager who was always impressed by the lifestyles his older cousins were living, to the point where he practically signed up to be a little ‘bitch’.

When Jasmit went OT to sell drugs and his family reported him missing.

He didn’t exactly have the greatest role models on his side, and that started to show more and more as he grew into a young adult.. As most of you are aware by now, Drilldoc has been incarcerated for several months now. The exact reasoning as to why he’s doing time is still unclear, however it was Doc himself who let journalist ‘6ixademiks’ know he was going inside for this specific case. Apparently though, Jasmit is doing time for a completely unrelated manner.

He was convicted in north Edmonton after being transported to help operate a YYC/YEG ???? that the BK set were trying to get going. So why would a young man switch sides and engage in a war against his own family? Because his cousins were the Gill brothers, Samroop and Sumdish.

Brothers Samroop and Sumdish Gill. Both featured on VPDS Significant Risk To Public poster.
Pictured from top left – Chucky aka Amarpreet Samra, Shakiel Basra, Shrek aka Brian Dhaliwal.
Bottom Left – Older Samra Bro and brothers Samroop and Sumdish Gill.

To this day, I haven’t received confirmation from either of the Gills regarding Doc being a blood cousin. The most we got was that Jasmit was a very distant relatiove who was desperate to live a life he wasn’t about. Doc on the other hand went on and on about being closely related to the BK members and even stated he had family relations to Hells Angel BK OG Gurp Dhaliwal. Probably bullshit, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Basically Doc had enough and was fed up after his eyebrows were shaved completely off and decided it would be in better interests for all parties going forward, if he joined another set. What set could that have been?


Drilldoc with the late, great BIBO ent founder; Gary Kang.

What better team to join than the one that was created specifically to wipe out the same guys that beat him silly. Gary Kang was like a big brother to Doc when he needed one most. Either because he saw what they did to him and realized he could use him for his own agenda, or because he actually admired the kid. Kind of crazy when you think about it because the Kangs and Grewals were literally blood-related, so GK and SK knew a thing or two about how Jasmit felt in regards to his own cousins hospitalizing him.

A vulnerable and desperate savage is always the most dangerous one. Mr. Badesha was just that to the BIBO/RS movement, and he would show and do whatever it took to prove himself. For the first time in his life, he had brothers he could rely on that weren’t related to him. The rap star felt dangerous and thats when we started to see him take a more aggressive approach in disrupting and causing problems for his cousins.

Sam obviously explained the situation a little different than how we were told, and it goes like this:

Gary saw so much potential in this kid after seeing him go out and seek vengeance for what had happened to him. He literally signed him to the label alongside Lololanski, and from there we saw another version of the Badesha.

We still haven’t received a release date for the Doc, but we are receiving pictures and freestyles here and there. In fact, he’s actually been dropping more music since being inside than when he was out. I’ve always said he has potential, and in a follow up to his intro – we’ll make sure we display some of his talents.

As always, I just wanted to get this little intro piece out on the BIBO rap ⭐️ and we will follow up with every character profile we release. Expect sequels, expect fucking movies!

Heres a few pictures of the incarcerated gang member that may be included in our follow-up to his CP.

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