Daniel Grewal – Introduction πŸ‘€

The Brothers Keepers are a constantly evolving criminal organization that still have active, high ranking members – such as Daniel Singh Grewal. One of the original members that helped form the gang and push its image, is also at the top of the hierarchy in regards to the BK set. Blood-related to original founder in Gavinder Grewal, DG has found himself well respected and in a powerful position ever since he was in high-school.

DG, with Sonny aka Sumdish Gill behind him. Amandeep Kang next to them.

Being the cousin of a notorious gangster in GG, definitely helped in terms of his street resume; but it was his business-oriented nature that progressed the gangster into an entrepreneur. What once started as an impactful and key figure of the BK set’s drug trade operation, has turned into a legal business owner behind multiple different ventures; including a record label.

During the primal years of the lower-mainland gang-war, that featured the BK set in the middle of the bloodbath; DG was heavily involved on the frontlines. And if it wasn’t him, it was his team/group of sophisticated criminals that ensured he was heard. Keep in mind that some of these BK members were being targeted by many different gangsters, representing factions like the Red Scorpions or United Nations as an example. Daniel was also a target, and we’ll get more into the attempted hit on his life as we progress into the intro.

We shared this screenshot in the Atwal introduction as well, which will help you understand as to how the hierarchy operates. The message was sent to us by an ex-worker of the organization whom had assisted in several drug-related operations.

A lot of people don’t seem to understand on how these guys actually work. The reason why they’ve had so much success is because of the system they’ve had intact since emerging in the lower-mainland. Each key member or leader (majority of them listed in the legendary picture) is responsible in operating an independent drug-line/group of workers.

Kangs were removed from the group after loyalty was in question. Harpreet/Junior story out soon…

Obviously they’re all apart of the same picture, which is the Brothers Keepers; and they work together in finding the best tag/price on product or whatever it may be. This allowed all of the high-ranking members to essentially be their own boss and generate more profits than being constricted to the old system where everyone had to pay ‘tax’ and be forced under a specific leadership. These guys had freedom and protection through each other, and that’s because loyalty was the defining principle.

Gavinder Grewal was never a forceful leader in the way that Jamie Bacon is said to be, but there’s a reason why he was considered the true, out-right leader. He created opportunities for guys that showed the same love and loyalty he had, by ensuring a brotherhood was more important than greed or money. Whoever had the plug, in most cases it was Gurp Dhaliwal because of his HA connections; would share that same price and opportunity for the rest of the leaders. These guys all had their own soldiers and workers and operated differently, but at the same time – still as a collective set.

We saw this most recently in the investigation that led to the arrest of 6 individuals, involved in the drug-trade. Several of them were stated to be members of the Brothers Keepers, but in reality – all of them are technically apart of the set. The reason why? Amandeep Kang, another leader similar to DG – was one of the charged. It was his group of guys that caught the bad end of the stick, which means the BK set has technically lost just one avenue of the drug operation. We just published a piece on Andrew Best, one of the workers being sentenced to 5 years. More to come in the BK Set Sequel.

Let’s begin to look at Daniel Grewal’s operation and who he had under him, when he was still living in the west-coast. An important part to note before we continue, is that DG has seemed to have cut himself off from all of his past associations in the drug-trade and focus specifically on his current ventures. Moving to the United Kingdom was pretty much Grewal officially walking away from the gang’s criminal underworld; and stepping in as a legal business owner.

The first guy we would like to introduce as being apart of the group DG had controlled, is none other than Certi2x. Naseem Mohammed, or more commonly known as LilMan at the time – was one of DG’s closest and most trusted associates. He was with Grewal during the attempted hit that injured the BK boss in the leg, after a long night of constant violence which would later be answered for.

Today, we know him as Certi2x – the lead artist behind the CTB label that is currently incarcerated in a Seattle prison. But before we start to analyze his earlier status and his association in being the right hand man to the general in DG, we got to break down Grewal first.

Danny was brought up around a pretty powerful family, with cousins that had ties to the underworld from a very early age. He was born in 1994 and apparently attended a private school before later getting kicked out and transferring to a local school. It is unclear on whether or not he ever finished high-school, but his gang/family ties to the Grewal brothers as an example; was more than enough to earn him a solidified seat as a 17 year old, in a table alongside other big names.

Daniel Grewal’s cousins: MG (alive, youngest bro) – MG (deceased, oldest bro who was completely innocent) – GG (deceased)

DG was an avid hip-hop listener whom like most late millennials, grew to find himself actively engaged in the rising “drill scene” that was taking off in the Chicago area. In other words, he loved demonic rappers that incorporated lyrics that he himself could relate to. Chief Keef, Lil Herb, Lil Bibby, and pretty much any other rising Chicago drill-rapper that peaked in DG’s high school era, (2009-2013) was the inspiration the gangster hailing from Canada’s west coast was receiving; when he wasn’t getting it from his personal and family associations.

That’s probably a pretty big reason as to why he is now the man behind the record label in Chase The Bag entertainment. He was built through loyalty, so everyone expected Lilman in having a pretty big role, as he was considered a very loyal soldier to the gangster. Naseem also had family connections to several gangsters and big-name rappers from the Driftwood area, in Toronto. This ultimately motivated the push and emergence of the CTB label, with heavy backing from a leader in DG, who’s very familiar with the rap game.

2x referring to his fallen friend in Toronto popular rapper Houdini. He was shot dead in Toronto.

We posted a video of Jagraj Atwal seated with Houdini, in the Atwal profile.

Although we are all aware in the extensive history that 2x has in regards to law enforcement, DG has always managed to stay relatively quiet. Apart from the targeted shooting that had hit him in the leg, he’s kept away from headlines unlike his peers.

Below, we have attached some of his prior history with the law – when he was a permanent resident in British Columbia.

Due to the status he had in carrying the Grewal name, it was obvious that the gangster had his dirty work done for him. The real question is what did his dirty work actually consist of? Find out as we continue the introduction.

All gangs in general would never thrive, if specific leaders or whatnot didn’t have soldiers or guys under them. The pyramid structure is crucial to criminal organizations, having someone take the fall for the more important individual has always been apart of the game.

2x when he wasn’t involved in the rap game and was more heavily involved in operations that were under the lead of DG.

Take a look at just one of the incidents Lilman was involved in, during the time of his original come-up under DG’s operations.

LM pictured in the red.

Walia’s tattoo when he first got it done… More on him to come in a legendary CP.

DG on the other hand didn’t look at his team of associates as any less, but of equal status and considered them as friends. He would often be seen spotted in the YVR area with several of his guys that we know now as hitters in Walia and 2x (CP’s out soon). And that was the case when several enemies of the BK faction had rolled up on the demons at the Taphouse restauraunt, in Surrey.


The story goes that DG and 2 of his associates in 2x and what we assume to be Walia, were all enjoying a night at the Taphouse bar. Allegedly a group of youngsters that the BK guys didn’t get along with had spotted the trio and realized on the golden opportunity that was presented to them. One of the men, now presumed to be the dead gangster in Iqbal Grewal – had fired several shots at the gangsters with one of them narrowly missing Lilmans head. Apparently Naseem was saved by the afro on his head-top in which he was growing at the time, but that could also just be false accusations set out by his enemies.

Long story short, the guys managed to escape unharmed and into a vehicle. An intense car-chase had ensued with the 5 youngsters recklessly driving in attempt to catch the high profile gangster. Keep in mind that law enforcement was completely over this from the very jump, and the 5 demons clearly didn’t care. Now I don’t know the exact specifics as to how they managed to hit Grewal but at some point he must’ve exited the vehicle with his companion.

DG was shot in the leg, police arrived on the scene and the shooters were allegedly arrested.

If you listen closely, you can hear 2x say “holy shit”. Considering he was a wanted criminal at the time, its surprising he managed to get away without having to present ID at the scene.

Now because of how powerful of a figure DG is, he obviously had to deny this footage being related to him.

The guy who shot DG? Slim aka Iqbal Grewal.

Take a look.



Now that 2x was at the forefront of the label that his OG was behind, everyone expected nothing but disrespect towards the enemies of the BK set. The very first single that Certi2x aka Lilman had released was titled “Shirt”, and he used dead gangster Slim aka Iqbal Grewal as the cover art. The video sits at over 150k views and shows the very realism that the hitman has incorporated into his music.


We’ll get more into Slim when we cover his CP but it’s important to note that a female key figure by the name of Kelly may have been the reasoning as to why Slim drifted from DG and his camp.

For now – let’s look back into the shooting that almost took the life of Grewal, and the 5 individuals that were involved. This is where things get crazy.

The 5 youngsters that were allegedly involved in that whole ???? show were: Austin Grewal (deceased), Slim aka Iqbal Grewal (deceased), BabyHuncho aka Julian Moya Cardenas (deceased), Renzo aka Kevin Allaraj (deceased) and a 5th who we haven’t confirmed yet. Those 4 that were all involved in the shooting of DG are now all dead. They were killed in the order of:

Austin was killed first, and his suspects have still not been found. They did release surveillance of the 2 suspects with one of them looking awfully like Lilman.

Heres a legendary fight of AG:

AG takes off his belt and gives the kid a beating.

Some claim that Slim had realized he had made a big mistake in shooting at DG and therefore was attempting to neutralize the heat. We are unsure if this rumour has any truth behind it or not, but it is alleged that Austin was sacrificed in show of good faith for Slim’s relationship with the BK hitters.

If that was the case, it clearly didn’t work out – as he was gunned down next.

The original picture that the BK gangsters somehow got a hold of. Slim is a very unique story that has to be shared in the coming days…

After Slim’s death, CTB really started to emerge from the west. The disrespect was being blasted everywhere, mainly by rapper Certi2x whom had now transitioned his shooting abilities to rapping. Gary Kang was killed as well so it was just a great introduction for the label and they were loving every minute of it.

We’ll explain more into how Lundski and Certi’s beef actually started in the character profile of Lilman.

They were getting so cocky and disrespectful that I even had voiced my concerns to one of the BK members after wanted fugitive Certi2x was posting videos of him driving around in Surrey.

It’s Lilman that people were linking to both Austin and Slim’s death, but until proven guilty – he will be presumed innocent. It’s pretty understood that DG went to 2x for anything, and that’s because he knew the loyalty Naseem had for him. Some claim that DG was the main orchestrator in getting LM to be perceived as a legitimate hitter amongst the BK circle, while others even go as far in saying that some of the money LM received for his “hits” was sent by DG.

After all, the rapper did have insanely large amounts of cash on him. He even made the news for spending 30k at a Richmond store before fleeing to the US.

We have no fine proof or any actual strong user-submitted evidence that links DG to any of the large amounts of cash Certi2x had, but we have a pretty good idea that Naseem did earn that money.

Seems pretty accurate, but AK’s group is down. DG’s group now is assumed to be his Chase The Bag record label, so Shrek would be the only active one that has a crew. But there are a few more names that have crews that aren’t named here… CERTI CP OTW GET READY


Austin and Slim’s case is still without any justice, as is Renzo’s and Huncho’s.

Julian Moya Cardenas, otherwise known as BabyHuncho or Huncho was another associate that was in the vehicle with Slim and the rest of the demons. It is unclear on whether or not the BK set had anything to do with his homicide as it was clearer in Austin and Slim’s case; however, it all seems too much of a coincidence. Again, DG hasn’t really been in the talks of orchestrating anything – especially since he’s left Canada for the United Kingdom. We still want you guys to keep in mind that anything is possible and with how technology is shifting, these criminals can be active in a country even if they’re across the world. PGP’s and encrypted softwares have allowed gangsters to thrive that much more, so don’t rule out the fact that he could be involved in all of these hits because he’s in England.

He was found killed in broad day light. RIP Huncho.

Had very promising potential as an upcoming rapper. He even mentions his dead friend in Austin Grewal when he refers to him by his street nickname in “Scrappy”. If you’re a sub and want the full song just DM me.

Huncho’s death has still gone unsolved, a recurring theme in the west. The next to go was his good friend Renzo aka Kevin Allaraj who was most recently killed in an underground parking lot, after leaving his rented Air BnB property.

Renzo wasn’t alone, as he was with Jeevan Saepan (another associate to the youngsters, but wasn’t the 5th one) and they were both shot and killed on Ackroyd Road at around 11 a.m. on June 4, and both, said police, were from the Lower Mainland and were known to police.

Renzo was the most vocal when it came to the shooting that injured Grewal. It’s because he was the most active and the only one alive out of the group, so he always ensured on letting people know what his younger associates did. When the Brothers Keepers were being disrespectful towards his dead friends, by using them as cover-art for an example; he clapped back and was constantly targeting rising stars in the couvlife boys (most notably Tino, CP otw as well)

Huncho’s death truly remains a mystery and we really don’t know who was behind it – but Renzo was definitely BK’s doing. He was way too vocal for these guys not to want his head. The alleged killer behind the double homicide is also rumoured to be one of the demons that was at one point under the leadership of DG. We’ll explain more of this in his CP πŸ˜‰

Before we conclude with the introduction to Grewal, we want to dive back into his personal life a little more. Especially his current and present status that he holds with the Brothers Keepers, and his personal life that includes his relationship status. In his sequel, you can expect an advanced breakdown on what life was before CTB for the gangster and what had ultimately shifted him out of the war-zone.

A very soft-spoken individual if you get on his good side, DG is a passive-minded gangster who literally seeks no trouble if trouble doesn’t seek him first. And this was the case in regards to most of his enemies, they’ve all had done something to betray his trust or worse – come in between the Brothers Keepers.

Like the rest of his brothers (gangsters in the BK set), DG was inked from head to toe. Gangsters in the west-coast, especially Indo-Canadians are frequently spotted as having tattoos all over their body. Like his brothers in AK, Sam and Sonny as examples; DG was just as inked.

His associate in Samroop Gill, showing off his ink.

DG on the far-right. Both AK and Sam Gill beside him.

Sumdish Gill, showing off his back being fully covered.

You get the picture – these guys love tattoos. DG has allegedly covered himself that much more ever since he’s relocated to the United Kingdom. Most of his enemies state that he is now residing in England because of being victimized and ran out of Canada; however we truly believe he decided enough was enough and wanted a new start at life. That’s exactly what he did, and has turned the Brothers Keepers into one of the only BC gangs to have legitimized income through rap music.

We are unsure on the exact year or date that he got up and left the west coast province, but we do know he somehow managed to land himself a gorgeous english model. It wasn’t too long before his opps got a word on his girl, which resulted into a lot jealousy being expressed towards the BK gangster. He just left BC with a leg shot, and was now dating a supermodel; his enemies couldn’t have hated him more.

DG and Jurgita whilst they were on vacation, in Dubai. Jagraj and Sam allegedly flew and met up with the gangster in the UAE.

DG driving on the Dubai desserts alongside his BK associate in Aman Kang and Sam Gill

Jurgita and DG.

The gentleman in DG taking care of his supermodel GF after her BBL ????

Now what came next was pretty weird, but it was apparent that the two may had allegedly broken up. Jurgita randomly stopped following DG one day and we were hearing a bunch of speculation that the two had called it quits. It was also alleged that because she was a super-model, she was getting hit on by several professional soccer players and Daniel couldn’t handle it anymore. He was so used to being in control of things out west when it came to girls and didn’t enjoy having the outer-seat this time around.

We didn’t believe any of it and still think the two are still dating. DG just realized how viral of a name he was and didn’t want his gang-ties to be associated with his girl whatsoever and therefore probably planned this. After all, she still follows his label – CTB.

We hope you enjoyed the introduction that you’ve all been waiting for. Now the storm is about to begin.

So much to come in the next few days and weeks. We’re just as excited as you guys ARE!


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