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One of the biggest stories we’d covered during our come-up on IG with our original handles; ‘6ixademiks’, ‘6ixademikz’ and ‘6ixademik’ (all deleted now ????) was the Harb Dhaliwal (BK) and Karman Grewal (UN) homicides. Both had occurred in 2021 with Harpreet Dhaliwal being gunned down first, on April. 17/21 outside the well-known Cardero’s restauraunt in Coal Harbour. It wasn’t long until the BK set had some sort of revenge as they ????’d Karman Grewal less than a month after, in broad daylight at the YVR International Airport ????.

The original article for KG’s homicide is here, and for Harb’s you can click here.

Harb Dhaliwal and Sam Gill pictured here on vacation, living lavishly.

KG with old friends.. before he turned into a menace.

*Keep in mind that this piece was originally written before Meninder Dhaliwal was gunned down in Whistler.*

Harb was arguably the most innocent out of the Dhaliwal brothers with his eldest in being the notorious ‘Shrek’ or otherwise known as Brian/Barinder Dhaliwal, and of course the younger one being the savage in Meninder Dhaliwal. When it comes to the west coast drug trade, you cannot progress the conversation without mentioning the Dhaliwal family. Obviously we’ll be diving into character profiles for each and every one of these demons, however for now we will continue to look at the ‘GetBackMode’ ???? that was activated after middle brother Harpreet was ???? 10 times with a semi-automatic handgun that had a silencer attached. You can click here to read about the sentencing that was given to hired hitman Francois Joseph Gauthier, a 53 year old geezer who flew from Quebec to carry out a bountied hit.

Regardless of his family association to his eldest brother in Shrek, Harb was honestly the most ‘clean’ out of his brothers and actually helped carry out his family businesses and get ???? the right way. It truly had a lot of people in disbelief as the streets had acknowledged that the bounty was actually established for the oldest brother, Brian (Profile out soon). Considering the build that these Dhaliwals have (all 6ft+, wrestling bodies), it was probably a difficult time for the ???????? in Gauthier in making out the target. We’re unsure if he had any vision impairment issues at the time, however we know now that he does as he caught some ????’s to the ????s.

“After shooting Dhaliwal, Gauthier dropped the handgun and fled. But Dhaliwal’s brother and another man chased him and stabbed him multiple times before returning to the victim’s body.”

Left To Right – Shrek, Harb, MD, Harb again

MD has still not been convicted of anything, and though we have no footage of the chase down that occurred in attempting to murder his brother’s killer; we do have the obvious clips that explain that night a little better. (This story was published before MD death)

Chilling footage of one of the most feared gangsters in the lower-mainland trying to do anything he can to have his brother live.. shows you the harsh reality of this lifestyle. It was obvious that this just made the war that much more worse.

General view of the shooting scene.

It had set-up written all over it from the very jump. They were either spotted at the restaurant (hard to miss) or they had somebody they trust give out the drop. It’s also been confirmed that HD was outside Cardero’s, beside his vehicle – waiting for his brothers and friends.

Law enforcement acted smart and quick and I think that has a lot to do with the brand-name that Harb had as a Dhaliwal. They also wanted to ensure that the public felt assured that this was a one-time thing and they worked as best as they could in convicting Gauthier for the homicide. However, if Meninder didn’t run the killer down and severely injure him by repeatedly stabbing him, would this case have gone ????? I feel like justice was truly served via the Dhaliwal family themselves, but the outcome wasn’t what they wanted.

Now, what makes these homicides so crazy was the fact that Karman was shot to death less than a month after the Coal Harbour incident, on May.9th/2021.

It was Karman Grewal himself who mentioned to us that Harb was an innocent ‘pack’ and referred him as being just as innocent as correctional officer Bikramjit Randhawa. It was Chucky they were after in that case, and the BK’s got an innocent by accident (will be explained in a detailed write-up).

For those of you that are unaware, Karman Grewal is a ???? figure in Sandeep Sidhu and Jimi Slice Sandhus come up. Not only was he acting as a right-hand man for both high profile gangsters, he was actually very closely related to Skidz and was family by blood. Hence the reason why Skidz purchased a crazy pendant/chain for his dead cousin.

The newest video regarding the chains – after Skidz got them back via insurance policy or GETBACKMODE? He recently also purchased a 7 figure chain on behalf of his fallen soldier, Jimi Slice Sandhu, Find out soon – on a crazy write-up regarding the chain incident.

KG was a heavily troubled teenager who’s life took the wrong turn after his short-lived high-school ???? career. He was earning more income than he should’ve been at his age due to his connections in Slice and Skidz ????; however it was his drug addiction that caused a concern to those around him. Take a look at his 2019 conviction in robbing pharmacies in the lower-mainland area in hopes of satisfying his addiction.

We’re unsure as to what his latest status was before he got hit with shells, however he was on his way out of the country to enjoy a lavish vacation with what we assumed to be, Jimi Slice (profile out soon). Poor guy was literally about to make it into the terminal before his shooters let it bust in broad daylight with no regard for innocent bystanders.

Keep in mind, this is a homicide that has taken place at what the world considers to be a safe haven, an international airport. If you can get shot to death outside an airport, you can get it anywhere. Like Harb’s case, this has set-up written all over it and it was actually the female associate that was catching most of the heat in regards to setting up the UN member she had taken to the airport. We personally don’t agree with this rumour and actually believe that this shooting has probably traumatized her for life ????.

Regardless of who/what/why somebody set KG up, the fact of the matter is that this hit was unprecedented in the west, and probably Canada altogether. We have never seen such a public homicide before, a broad-daylight shooting at an airport that took the life of a high-profile gangster in which led to a police-chase that ultimately somehow manages to let the killers escape? Straight out of a movie.

Take a look at this viral clip displaying the aftermath in regards to the shooters actually attempting to shoot their way out of a police-chase after smoking Karman at the airport.

Some claim that actual officers were in on the murder and actually assisted the suspects in successfully getting away from the scene, while others claim that these hitters were truly genius in figuring out ways on the spot on how to escape. It’s important to understand that immediately after the incident, YVR airport was essentially shutdown. They tried to close all the bridges that connected to the airport in hopes of limiting the killers’ options in finding a successful route, however that didn’t work.

The absurdity behind it all is that their was actually live officers chasing these suspects in a car-chase but quit on it due to gunshots? You’re telling me that they just let those guys get away because they were firing ?????

I totally understand the safety aspect behind it because of innocent drivers on the road and all, but to potentially let suspects get away in one of the, if not THE most public hit that the province has seen will always be absurd to me. We see officers committed to chases regarding some of the most dumbest crimes, and we still have no idea who killed Karman or who was even behind it.

The most they have at this point is a video of the car engulfed in ???? that the suspects were using.

It still baffles me that these guys got away. I guess we know now that if we ever see an incident like this again, where ???? have a visual and are in an active chase in regards to arresting a murder suspect – the only thing the bad guys got to do is just shoot a few bullets.

The significance behind these hits was just so crucial in further elevating this gang war, as Shrek still vows vengeance for his brother even after a successful retaliation in KG, and Skidz never forgetting what happened to his cousin.

Both men had so much promise and potential, it’s really a shame that this war has led to this.

The scariest part about it is that this is only the beginning,

It’s safe to say that GetBackMode was successfully completed for Harb Dhaliwal as BK associates and rappers actually went on social media to confirm the revenge killing on KG. But don’t be fooled, Get Back never has an expiry date. But we’re pretty sure KG’s camp already got they GetBack for the dead UN gangster as the Kalkat Brothers were literally murdered just a few days after Grewal.

You can click here to have a look at the article explaining KG’s retaliation. This shit will never stop. Kalkat story out soon.

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