Undercover Operation: The Amer Crime Family

We’ve had a huge increase in our overall viewership, especially in Alberta. This is primarily because of the ongoing gang war, and the awkward user-submissions from the Amer’s. Everyone that’s in tune has usually nothing good to say about the family, and it’s widely speculated that this group of guys did a lot of dirty things. The amount of encouraging messages we have received has kept us highly motivated, and we are fully aware that this family has a lot of enemies. Many are just honestly surprised & shocked that a notorious family such as the Amers’ themselves, went to our platform to ultimately attack their opposition.

It all started when Rami was shot to death. Our platform always gets the scoop first, whether it’s submissions from witnesses on the scene, or even the shooters themselves; we receive it all.

Rami’s homicide was nothing unusual, and during the first few hours – it was just messages and submissions from individuals in the Calgary area. One thing led to the next, and before we knew it; Josh Green aka WhyNot aka Zaitoun (individual who shot an innocent sex-worker) had requested to add us on Snapchat. At first, we thought it was an officer who was asking us to remove the Amer info on Ramiโ€™s homicide posts; until WhyNot actually sent us a physical snap of him incarcerated. Itโ€™s believed that heโ€™s serving his time in Kent. (Screenshots available shortly)

He ultimately got us in touch with another individual (Abdullah Amer/Activo/Dinero – currently on the run), whom was apparently going to pitch ‘an offer to us’. That offer ended up turning into something we honestly couldn’t believe. This was one of the most reputable criminal families in the province of Alberta, and it appeared as if they were now transitioning to the internet. Rather than ‘get back in blood’, these guys were now violating simple street codes and rules – attempting to get our platform involved via monetary fees. We obviously refused the offers and decided to actually create a mini-project on them instead.

The footage that we have made available to everyone, will help you understand how Abdullah aka Dinero/Activo speaks. This is somebody who is clearly cocky, and entertained at the fact that his enemies were “going to be blasted online”. During the 72 hours of our undercover operation, we heard this guy say “he had the journal” over 100 times. The truth is – the only journal he has is when he took a 8 year conviction for sexually exploiting an under-age female (he alleges to be his girlfriend at the time); and ultimately got viciously assaulted & stabbed in Drumheller prison. He was later transferred to Bowden medium security for his safety, and was unsurprisingly attacked again – by demonic inmates. It was at this point when law enforcement decided to transfer him to Edmonton maximum security, so that he could complete his remaining time in protective custody ‘PC’.


It didn’t stop there though, he was actually rolled on many different times in PC; at which point he became a witness for a lawsuit to testify against specific guards. The new warden at the time (temporary – ended up getting replaced) had actually conducted an emergency transfer over-night for Abdullah ‘Activo’ Amer. He then finished his time at grand cash, which allowed him to safely testify against those same guards who ended up losing their jobs.

Keep in mind that these guys were basically trying to throw a bunch of people under the bus. It’s been widely rumoured that they were responsible for a 150+ kg shipment of cocaine going bad. In other words, they robbed 150 birds from the Mexican cartel (with one individual playing a HEAVY role – discussed soon); and later attempted to get our platform to expose innocent lives, that they wanted to blame.

In the introduction, we concluded with the fact that Dinero aka Abdullah had no reason to flee the country (like his brother Talal – wanted #6 in Canada BOLO). The only reason he truly left is because the Mexican Cartel that he did bad business with; has allegedly put up a quarter million bounty on his head. Unlike the Amer’s – if you’re an innocent whom barely associates with the family, you’ll be safe (250k bounty applies to guys like: Zilla, Activo, WhyNot,)

Instead of going at his opponents – he has decided to take all of his frustration and anger out on our platform:


Josh Green/WHYNOT/Muhammad Nabil Zaitoun: Without this guy – we would have never dived into this Calgarian criminal world; but because of Rami’s homicide, he wanted our platform to essentially hide the fact that his crime family (Amer’s) was involved. We will always share the truth – and therefore, it was crucial that we investigated this further. Long story short, we went undercover and decided to infiltrate every ‘dirty little secret’ that the group has been hiding. This doesn’t only include Zilla (Talal – Head Honcho) & Dinero (Abdullah – Informant); but everyone in the circle.

DINERO/ACTIVO/ABDULLAH AMER: And if it was anyone else that our platform was conversing with – we probably would not have went undercover. This guy truly sounded abusive, dangerous and very criminal-like.

Talal/Zilla Amer: THE true leader of the family. Also the most dangerous and unpredictable. It’s alleged that he and his brother Abdullah get into fights very regularly.

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Daniel Swarek
Daniel Swarek
4 months ago


We got more...

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