Mustafa ‘Prince’ Khan: PK CP ✍✍🏾

Prince Khan aka PK is still a name that’s talked about quite a lot in the lower-mainland. It isn’t because he was directly linked to SMAN’s homicide, or because he’s related by blood to Red Scorpion Moeen Khan (currently incarcerated); his name still rings bells because of controversies and leaked phone-calls.

These DBOYS losing their lives at ages 19-25, is equivalent to a normal citizen living until his 60’s.

Guys like Jayden Prasad & PK have actually out-lived their life expectancy.

Only 20 years of age when he was gunned down, Prince and his family immigrated to ???????? from the Mardan district in Pakistan, a little over a decade ago. It’s stated by his close friends/family that he got his nickname through his fascination in bodybuilding, travelling, taste in luxurious & expensive cars, and passion for brand items (drip). That was why his family and friends would call him β€œPrince”, pretty much ever since they came to Canada.

Born on December 10th, 2001, PK was truly loved by those around him and it was because he defined loyalty. This can be argued again, because of SMAN’s homicide; but we will get into this as we progress.

Ever since we first reported on the SMAN/PK retaliation cases, we were left without any real update that the streets or media filled us in on. That was until we received a very sensitive leaked phone-call that assisted our investigation. We’ll get into that as we proceed into the CP, but it’s important to note that Prince Khan’s cold case may not remain unsolved for too much longer.

Unlike Sameh Mohammed’s (SMAN) homicide in Brampton, where PK actually remained on the scene afterwards to assist law-enforcement with whatever he had just witnessed; PK’s final moments on this planet differed.

SMAN on left, more on him ⬇️

After being riddled with bullets, PK’s killers departed the scene immediately, leaving him to bleed out on the streets of Burnaby. He we taken to a Burnaby hospital, but was pronounced dead at the actual scene.

He was reported deceased on September 14 – but his body was handed over to his parents on September 22 and buried the same day in Canada.

Those that were close to the dope-boy in Prince, know all to well on just how expensive this guy would always ‘look’. He would be dressed in the latest designer from head-to-toe, driving the fastest rentals around; and associated himself with crowds that all shared the same goal. Getting money fast was the motive PK lived by, regardless of the results that came with the lifestyle.

His early up-bringing was pretty tough and it consisted of him getting in trouble very often. He got kicked out of school, and was the average ‘drop-out whom hung around the school’. Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed on the exact high-school that Mustafa had attended, multiple reports suggest that he was frequently spotted around Frank Hurt secondary in Surrey. It can be argued that PK was truly in the midst of turning his life around in a positive direction, but counter-arguments suggest that he was more deeply involved at the time of his death.

And by the age of 17, it was pretty clear on what path this kid chose.

As soon as this guy was pronounced dead, it was very evident that two sides existed. One, that expressed just how innocent and loyal of a person PK was; and the other that argued just how much of a ???? he was.

when we heard about his homicide 30 minutes after it occurred.

We have a legitimate source who verified that PK was working a phone in the lower-mainland. What confused us was the fact that he wasn’t surprisingly working with family, (in Moeen Khan – RS member) and was actually working under BK-affiliated associates. This shocked us considering what we know now, but in reality; majority of the underworld had no idea that Prince Khan was actually blood-related to Moeen Khan. And on top of that, it’s believed that Prince actually grew up amongst BK members and because of Moeen at one time being a member of the BK set himself; he was allegedly accepted by those that knew of his relation to the EX-BK turned BIBO ???? member:

For those that don’t know (Kang Set Profile Sequel otw), Moeen was apart of the original BK chapter that drifted off and became what we know now as BIBO. He actually still may have the infamous “My Brothers Keepers” chest tattoo. We still don’t know his status, as he was last wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for his role in the conspiracy to commit murder against two B.C. gangsters and two Ontario men.

β€œOn June 5, 2018, Mr. Khan β€” in an emotional phone conversation with (gang leader) Sameet Kang β€” talked about the murder…and how he felt responsible,” prosecutor Marko Vojvodic read.

This goes to show you that SK and Moeen have been very close for a long time, and we actually would have had no real update on Moeen if it weren’t for the SMAN homicide.

Moeen on right.

PK was doing well for himself, managing to actually save a decent amount up. Anyone in the dope game understands that the money is actually tough to save, because of the lifestyle choices that almost become mandatory at the pace you’re living at. What we don’t exactly know is why SMAN decided to fly back to the lower-mainland. While we believe it was because of some sort of program/operation he had control/ownership in, we also don’t want to come to any conclusions. It’s also been alleged that he was wanted in BC, which was a strong reason as to why he originally relocated to Saskatoon.

The relationship between SMAN and PK is also unclear, but it’s believed that SMAN looked at Prince as a younger brother. Because of that, we believe that PK played some sort of role in operating a line that SMAN profited from. Long story short, Prince tagged along with SMAN and a few of his associates (BFR-connected) to Toronto for the infamous Rolling Loud festival. It was a weekend full of craziness, and while everyone expected nothing but gun-shots and violence; the only real gun-violence came when SMAN was pronounced dead in Brampton (post-rolling loud).

Before we continue, we want to show you guys a quick little recap into Rolling Loud (specifically from SMAN & PK’s POV). Keep in mind that they were involved in a lot of backstage VIP events, and that’s because of Sameh’s relationship to the BFR/Driftwood rappers. In fact, some have stated that BFR rappers were actually closer to SMAN then Lilman; which is why we saw so many tributes pour out after SMAN was killed.

Here are just some of the outpouring tributes that SMAN received when he was killed. There’s a reason why PK was killed so fast, and thats mainly because of just how important Sameh was to a lot of rich/powerful gangsters.

The disrespect was seen just as much:

The word on the street is that PK & SMAN were driving home from a late night out in Toronto. Either they were returning from an after party, or the actual festival itself; we don’t know. What we have confirmed is that Prince Khan was in the backseat of the vehicle that SMAN was driving. The vehicle allegedly parked in the driveway of a Brampton home, waiting for something or someone (WITH PK STILL IN THE BACKSEAT). It’s unclear if the passenger seat was vacant or not, but next thing you know; bullets were sprayed and SMAN was pronounced instantly dead. No bullets hit PK, and no shooter(s) attempted to target him; leading everyone to believe that the hit was solely target for SMAN (which it was).

Plenty of media outlets suggested that SMAN relocated too Ontario after his enemies located his Richmond condo; however this was old news. Considering how Sameh already made the move to Saskatoon, and was actually only in Ontario for the festival.

Interesting fact to lay out before we move forward into the conclusion; Sameet Kang & Skidz allying up and connecting over a phone-call was a hot rumour that erupted once Sameh was murdered. Some claimed that it was because SK relied on the UN factions strength in contracting hitters throughout the country (to murder SMAN, brother of Naseem Mohammed – someone SK is dying to have murdered). This is for another story, on another day.

So why was PK so severely linked to SMAN’s homicide?

It wasn’t even a full week, and Prince Khan was reported dead in BC. After arriving home, and already being traumatized after witnessing the homicide of someone he referred to as “big bro”; PK was a wanted man. He didn’t even know it, and that’s why he walked into a trap his gut told him not to walk into.

All because of his relationship to Moeen Khan (whom some still allege that PK did not translate any info to), and the homicide of SMAN; is the reason why Mustafa Khan’s family no longer has a son.

If you still don’t really know what’s going on (and keep in MIND that we will be releasing our VISUAL version of the story for subscribers ONLY – 48 hours after this); it’s strongly believed that PK relayed info to Moeen that ultimately directed SMAN’s death. Only Prince would’ve been exactly aware on SMAN’s whereabouts and that’s because he was with him the entire weekend. In addition, being blood-related to Moeen (someone who wants anyone with the last name Mohammed dead just as bad as the Kangs) didn’t exactly do any favours for PK as well. The hood has stated that PK’s final words to his killers was that “he did not set-up SMAN”. Others close to both victims, have said otherwise:

Again – this would’ve been at a standstill if it weren’t for the breaking leaked call that our platform received. Before getting into our own detective skills/analysis, let’s listen to the entirety of the leaked call:

Before we make any statements, we want you to listen/watch this call as well (and try to draw out any similarities if you can):

If you pay close-attention like we have (after literally listening to hundreds of Angel Gill audio clips), you’ll understand that the caller in the exclusive leaked PK call was none other then Angel Gill. Angel was notoriously known for dating Brandon Mayes (UN associate linked to Karman Grewal), and she has actually been rumoured on setting up multiple individuals. Her and PK were allegedly in love though, as that was whom she had a fling with last (before he died). He reported his final steps to her, and even turned on his location for her to witness.

We cannot disclose any visuals of these guys at this time. And that’s because of legal issues.

More on this will be revealed on our visual story that will be made exclusive to subscribers.

As expected, we got hit with hundreds of messages after this CP was released.

Here’s a quick little response from one of his closest aides:

NAV CP next (brief breakdown of the chains – no joke, not anymore)

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