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Tonights ????OTD situation will look at the major bank robbery that the province just saw in Saanich, which resulted in the deaths of both brothers who were behind the crime. We covered the story from the very jump, presenting real facts and pointing out simple details such as the victims lying dead on the ground, with a mask still concealing their identity. Most people believed it was mannequins that were sprawled out on the ground, but this was obviously incorrect. Before we get into the story and why these two demonic brothers decided to shake up the entirety of Saanich, we’ll get into the video footage that recorded parts of the shoot-out.


Matthew and Issac Auchterlonie were the two brothers who planned the heist that ended up wounding 6 officers in an intense gunfight. The two were actually twins and are apart of a set of triplets, that has unfortunately turned into a total of 1 son for the family. Both 22 year old Matthew and Issac were from Shawnigan Lake and are still a big mystery to the world, as to why they did what they did. Witnesses that were held hostage have explained just how calm the brothers were, almost as if they weren’t really there to actually successfully escape with money. It’s been argued that they could’ve easily have gotten away, while others argue in stating that they wanted to engage in a fatal shoot-out.

They graduated high-school and were reported to be very quiet and to themselves, as stated by many different classmates. It was also alleged that the family was never wealthy and that the two had to endure a very hard upbringing in terms of financial stress. This was also another theory as to why they engaged in this bank heist. But in reality, it just didn’t add up due to them seeming too calm and delayed; as heard from many different witnesses. They were robbing a bank in 2022, on an island, driving an old beater that is painted very conspicuously; just doesn’t seem like a successful heist that they envisioned. So were they really trying to shoot a way out of living?

the brothers

We don’t really know what the two really had planned, but we agree in that there is more to the story. Both had childhood aspirations in enrolling to the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces), and that’s what they immediately attempted in doing, straight after high school. It didn’t work out, and that’s when things started to take a dark turn for the boys. Either way, it’s a bank robbery thats going to be remembered for years. It even has witnesses traumatized to this day, challenging the system in better supporting mental health.

vehicles involved

Expect a mainstream documentary on this shoot-out that revolves the brothers, in the near future. Netflix or something is definitely going to get on it.

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