Today’s video is one that is already on the VIP content page. It’s one that many have you already probably seen but because of how relevant it is to Asher Khan, we decided to release. Asher aka VD was a BK phone line worker that was ultimately shot to death at a Kelowna gas station. His name still has mysteriously not been revealed, and it has something to do with law enforcement trying to calm this whole streak of violence down.

The video features Asher aka VD being viciously assaulted by his the current boss that was managing him at the time which was none other than Tristan Cheetos. For those that don’t know, you can click here for a little more info on Cheetos. Asher was being lazy and wasn’t staying awake when he should’ve been, and was also missing a lot of phone calls. These calls were of course calls coming in from junkies and individuals wanting the drugs that VD would be supplying.

Click here for a little write-up we did on VD.

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