Today’s video of the day will feature members that make up the new and emerging set in MM or otherwise known as ‘MuddyMob’.

Backed by upcoming drug trafficker and rapper in Drillmanz, the group composes of youngsters that have no real weight, in regards to other lower-mainland sets and groups. These are guys that support the BK movement, and it’s unclear if they have any real connection with the gang. We just see lot’s of fan-like antics going on around with these boys, but make no mistake – they are demonic.

Drillmanz on far right.

Some of the boys went viral for the wrong reasons, over a year go when they were found lying on a bench on the verge of overdosing to death. Take a look here.

The following video illustrates how the “gang” gets their revenge. In this case it was because 2 of the members got kicked out of a party. The rest was history, wait till the end.

We might go into one or two of these guys in the near future, not on our list of important characters though. Just goes to show you that violence stems from the lower guys just as much as it does with the bigger ones.

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