Sikh Expo/Sikh Crimes 🎥:

We decided to include three different topics in one piece.

The first situation includes an individual speaking out against big outlets that supposedly aren’t doing enough for the Sikh culture and people. These pages include @SikhExpo and several other massive outlets. We’ll let you guys debate on whether or not this guy is speaking facts, or is completely wrong about the brand.

Our second scenario revolves another hate-crime but this time directed upon the Hindu religion/culture, and allegedly conducted by Sikhs. Some are claiming that this was the work of the Indian government, in ultimately masking the perpetrators as Khalistan supporters.

This happened in New York, at a Hindu Temple. Video footage below.

Don’t get it twisted though, these Hindu extremists are insane as well.

Our last video that we’ll be including is footage based out of California, in which a Sikh man was being viciously assaulted and ‘jumped’ by several different men; until he let it bust with his firearm. Yuba City is a known hot-spot for the Punjabi community and that’s exactly where the incident occurred. It allegedly has cartel-involvement and the Punjabi man was being victimized by what it seemed to be hispanics. He was ultimately successful in escaping and getting away without being fully harmed.

These next images are unclear as to who shot the bullets. We had a user explain that it was Mr. Gill who later shot at his victims homes, whereas other claim it was his family home that had gotten shot at.

And here’s the video footage!

Here’s another angle:

Karambir still has not been caught by police.

Also – since we’re on the topic of covering Sikhs particularly being in the spot-light that these media outlets love to cover; we’ll take a look at an Abbotsford situation that has recently been sparked again.

An alleged gym-fanatic has been known to creep out females whilst working out in a known gym.

Why these guys just continue to give us a bad name???

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