2 Red Devils Prospects Shot Guarding Frampton Clubhouse On The First Run Of The Year

The first run for the Hells Angels MC and their support clubs in Quebec occurred this past weekend, but this wasn’t a run like many previous years. Enemies (BFM) took advantage of the event, holding protests and loading up their guns to target a clubhouse. As the public were notified of the apparent ‘downfall’ of the Blood Family Mafia in February after 36 arrests in total due to the police operation ‘Project Scandalous’ (Projet SCANDALEUX), the feud seems to have been reignited in April of 2024. The Blood Mafia Family has their eyes set on the northeastern region of Saguenay with it’s arms extended out all the way to Montreal.

A critical incident happened while the Hells Angels and their allies and support groups were out on their yearly joyride this weekend, a shootout between the Blood Family Mafia and Red Devils MC members guarding a clubhouse throughout the weekend in Frampton, QC which is located in the Chaudiere-Appalaches region near Quebec City.

The Red Devils MC are a support club for the Hells Angels and are based primarily in the the Quebec City region located 3 hours away from the island of Montreal, where most of this gang war has taken place throughout the turn of the new year. On Saturday (4/5/2024), the BFM street gang sent soldiers out to Frampton, where the Red Devils MC clubhouse is located, to set flames to it. The two BFM soldiers were armed with pistols and jerry cans filled with gasoline.

The clubhouse in question was under surveillance by 2 Red Devils prospective members. Upon the 2 BFM individuals assailants, the prospects had opened fire, in which a violent shoutout had occurred. We now know that the Blood Family Mafia members had fled after which, and a Red Devils prospect by the name of Samuel Chabot-Lussier was targeted to 4 gunshots, his prospect partner member had also gotten shot, but it is unknown how many bullets he had taken, as well as his name.

Once police had arrive at the crime scene, they managed to find two firearms, and are most likely to charge the two prospects with the incident which occurred. This incident is a vital part of the drug war happening in Quebec City right now, due to the likeliness in the the HA/Red Devils will respond to the shootout with violence. When is enough, enough?

With the recent bust on the Quebec City Hells Angels chapter, locking up three prominent member of the club, Mario ‘Banane’ Auger, Marc ‘Marco’ Roberge and Christian ‘Cricri’ Boucher for drug trafficking. The 3 members arrested are facing a lot of flack in prison, most likely due to the slew of arrests on the Blood Family Mafia’s side. The 3 HA members and their allies are facing death threats while imprisoned.

Christian ‘Cricri’ Boucher

Allegedly, there is a hit contract set on two of these HA members, Auger and Roberge of 100,000$, this was announced by Blood Family Mafia member’s which are currently in prison.

Marc ‘Marco’ Roberge
Mario ‘Banane’ Auger

New information has been released in relation to the murder of Michel ‘Doune’ Guerin. The information being that hitmen from Montreal had done the hit on Doune. There has been many speculations that other Hells Angels chapters across the province have volunteered to take care of this ‘problem’, the problem being the gang war occurring to the east of the province but no action has been taken.

This is far from being a double edged sword as many BFM sympathizers have been spotted in the Saguenay region being involved in shootouts and attempted murders. The murder weapon in which was used to kill Doune is also seeing light for authorities with them being close to tracking where the weapon came from.

Many sources also claim that Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel has moved around in eastern Europe, out of Portugal, frequenting the neighboring countries such as Morocco, located towards the South and Spain, located towards the North of Portugal.

Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel
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