35 Year Old Man Shot In Thetford Mines After A Homicide Takes Place In Limoilou, Quebec City

The region of Chaudiere-Apalaches, better known as Beauce, to the south of Quebec City has witnessed tons of criminal happenings these days. The region is located to the south of Quebec City across the bridge from either Pont Pierre Laporte or the Pont de Quebec. The region has been victim to a drug war happening on the east side of the province since March of 2023, which eventually escalated throughout the year with incidents including, murder, torture and kidnapping.

The shooting happened towards 11:30pm on Thursday night, which is when emergency services where contacted to report to the scene of the crime. The incident took place on Rue St-Alphonse South. The SQ (Quebec Provincial Police) had a perimeter that was established around the scene of the crime, and the victim was transported to the hospital with non-life threating injuries.

The proper authorities which were called to the scene of the crime, meaning the specific branch of SQ which is is command, was the Catherine Bernard branch of the SQ. It is too early to know in which this shooting death is in relation to the drug war ongoing between the Hells Angels Quebec City chapter and the Blood Family Mafia which has been taking place in the recent few months.

Thetford Mines residents are worried of the fact that this incident might have occurred due to the ongoing drug war. In February of last year, a 30 or so year old man was a victim to an armed assault which took place in the borough of Saint-Nazaire of Thetford Mines.

Another incident which happened this week which might be concerning the drug war which is happening in the east of the province of Quebec. The event occurred just before 12:30pm on Rue L’Espinay, when emergency services arrived on the scene, the found a bloodied man in a residence. The man was dead upon arrival.

The borough of Quebec City in which the incident happened is known as a ‘poor’ neighborhood, up to the point that it might be considered a ghetto along with Basse-Ville (Downtown), located adjacent to the ‘Uptown’ neighborhood, which is conveniently located up the hill to Basse-Ville.

This sector of the city is known for having a lot of people come through, only to quit the premises shortly, meaning a lot of drug dealing and what not. This is a sector with a lot of troubles happening day-to-day, Just last week on May 1st, 3 individuals were arrested for attempted murder. A 23 year old man was targeted in a stabbing, and throughout the year, the borough was victim to multiple criminal arsons.

It is hard to say whether or not these events are in relation to the ongoing drug war in the area, but one thing is for sure, more and more of these events are occurring since.

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