Arman Dhillon – 3 Suspects Arrested:


We have been hit with breaking news today. Law enforcement in the GTA are known for how fast they get to unsolved homicides, and this was no different. The 3 individuals associated to AD’s death in Oakville are some pretty wild names that we are all aware of. 30 year-old Joseph Richard Whitlock of Pickering, 29 year-old KarnVeer Sandhu of Edmonton, and 25 year-old Kulvir Bhatia of Calgary have each been charged with First Degree Murder and Attempted Murder.  Solid work by the feds no doubt.

AD’s friends haven’t done anything to avenge the deceased dons life.

Before we continue, we want you to understand that we will be translating this information into our final, complete version of AD’s story. Images/In-depth dives will be also dissected in our AD story.

Here’s the three that are involved though, from left – to – right:

Joseph Whitlock (was featured on BC’s gang poster), Karn Sandhu (crazy cp on the way), Kulvir Bhatia

Why was it that these guys would be involved in a hit that essentially didn’t fall under their jurisdiction? Keep in mind that Joseph is a very well known west-coast ganger who has strong ties in BC, whereas the other 2 are strong players in Alberta’s drug trade.

It truly is a crazy story, especially considering how the female who was with AD at the time of the shooting in Oakville; is now facing life-altering injuries. She is paralyzed for the rest of her life because she had some sort of relationship with E-Town’s don:

I know a lot of you are expecting a lot more information. We just had to get this out ASAP. We have so much in the works, including Nav’s CP which will be released in the following hours. AD’s COMPLETE story will also be released tonight.

Here’s some content on how he was pretty much getting disrespected from the west to east:


Source: 3 charged in Oakville murder that left woman with life-altering injuries

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Jay Lansek
Jay Lansek
10 months ago

Wheres the AD story

We got more...

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