Over the last few days, we were without our blog/website so we will now be including some of the stories/events that we’d covered on our social media platforms. Not all events will be covered as some will have it’s own post associated to it, however we will pretty much cover majority of August.

It’s important to remember that although we’re usually first to the scene, the last week and a half has been tough to get things rolling due to all these setbacks, and therefore it’ll take some time for us to start getting the edge on these major outlets.

Before we start… I think we’re closer to finding Rabih ???????????? take a look…

I think we got them!!!

AUGUST.9/22 – Riverside Fatal Shooting ????:

We were just hit with some news coming out of Riverside that an individual has been shot to death, in-front of Church’s chicken in a taxi cab. More to come, as no articles have officially been released as of yet. Looks like it was gang-related.

Kim just released, click here for full details. Nothing we know yet, except for the fact that the victim was shot to death while he was sitting in the back of the vehicle…

NEW UPDATES – Onkar Shergill (cabdriver) may not make it after all.. very dissapointing.

The 30 year old who was the victim of the shooting, is apparently a known drug dealer with a very extensive wrap sheet.

For some reason, Kim always unblocks us after we’re first to post about a hit such as this. She later blocks us after we reply to her tweets and let her know it was us that cracked the details.

Unlike her, we credit other sources. Take a look at the Vancouver sun’s piece on the 30 year old drug dealer.


The victim, David Chavez.

Cab Driver – Onkar Shergill ????????????????

August.8/22 – 2 Surrey Residences Get Shot At:

For full details, you can click here on an article featured by Surreynowleader.

Footage of the house that was shot in Newton.

August.8/22 – 2 dead in Abbotsford after police chase????:

For full details, click on this article written by CBC news.

We just had a fair point to share and that was in regards to Global News anchor, Christa Dao.

These 2 suspects that were chased down fatally, had no where near the same impact of ‘crime’ that the suspects of KG’s homicide had.

August.8/22 – 2 Bodies Reported To Be Found In Burning Car????:

We reported about this almost instantly, and it’s still a big mystery that remains unsolved. Two bodies were discovered in a burning car in the Okanagan region, with the car being extinguished by firefighters. Will keep you guys updated as we progress into August.

Click here, for CBC’s piece on the situation.

August.7/22 – Machete Attacker Gone Wild????:

We were the first to break the news, after being flooded with messages throughout our platforms by individuals partying at the Granville strip. We got first-hand footage regarding the scene, and broke news to the public right away. Outlets followed the lead, and you can click here on a now detailed piece by Vancouver Sun.

Long story short, junkie goes wild and gets shot by law enforcement.

Below will be footage that we posted on our now suspended IG account.

August.7/22 – 2 dead in Langley Crash ????????:

Two people were dead on the scene after getting into a nasty collision at the intersection of 32 Avenue and 196 Street around 5 p.m.

Click here for full details on the current investigation and what investigators believe was the cause behind the tragedy.

We had posted footage of the tragic incident, however a lot of people were upset because of how graphic it was. People need to realize that we are TDN, and we will continue to show incidents like these to remind our audience that driving is a privilege and should never be taken for granted.

Rest in peace ????????

August.6/22 – 2 shot/1 dead on Highway????:

As always, we were first again to break the news regarding the gang-related shooting on Highway 1, in Burnaby. We even went as far as releasing the initials of the victims, in T.D and M.Z.

Meysam Zaki, the 18 year old was the victim who was pronounced dead on scene. The driver, Tristan Dixon, called 911 after realizing he couldn’t get to a hospital to save his friend and had to report him dead. We have footage and pictures on the way, for now you can click here on CBC’s piece.

August.3/22 – Kelowna Shooting – VD AKA ASHER KHAN ????????:

A young man was shot at a Kelowna gas station and ultimately transported to the hospital, by an unknown man. Unfortunately, that young man was Asher Khan aka VD; a young drug line worker that has ties to the Brothers Keepers. He was later pronounced dead after succumbing to his injuries.

The individual who tried to save VD, drove him to the hospital before departing on foot.

According to police, the shooting happened around 9:30 p.m., at the Shell gas station at 1850 KLO Rd. The shooting was definitely targeted, as the suspect vehicle was later found engulfed in flames near 775 Deans Rd.

For full details, click on this article here.

Below we will include footage of Asher. For some reason, law enforcement has not revealed the victim and this has to do with them believing that it can potentially decrease the current gang violence spike.

2 youngsters both gunned down due to gang violence in the west coast.

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