Blood Family Mafia Drug War: 6 Saguenay Individuals Arrested

Just when we thought the drug war going on between the Hells Angels and independent traffickers going on in the East of the province of Quebec was dead and gone. It seems that the Blood Family Mafia are still persisting to take control. Their eyes are now set on the territory of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, a village located around an hour and a half to two hours from the nation’s capitol of Quebec City.

Quebec City had seen a lot of blood shed, primarily in the form of torture take place at the beginning of the year, but police soon brought an end to the chaos after the siege which took place in Saint-Malachie, an area in the Bellechasse region to the south of the city. The police operation which brought down three dozen Blood Family Mafia members had taken place in February, was named Projet SCANDALEUX (Project Scandalous).

The street gang with allegiance to the color ‘red’ and the Profit Boyz in Montreal is not done, even though Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel, the leader of the gang is tucked away safely in Portugal. The public is still taking sides and revolting towards the organized criminals that have ruled the province with an iron fist throughout the past decades.

It started off with 4 arrests made on the night of last Friday (19/04/2024). A neighbor had phoned 911 after a suspicious vehicle stopped at a targeted house in the county of La Baie, located in the Saguenay region. By the time authorities arrived onto the scene, the vehicle was gone. But it did not take long to locate it, intercepting it at the Quebec University located in Chicoutimi. The officers had arrested 4 people, which were all in the one vehicle which the witness had descripted.

Following the vehicle search after the arrests, police found many loaded firearms and well as melee weapons such as knives and brass knuckles in the car. This arrest was subsequent to two more arrests that took place in a hotel parking lot on Boulevard Talbot in the region. These suspects appeared in court Friday facing charges of possession of illegal firearms.

Incidents like these have been on the rise in the region of Saguenay, with authorities believing that there has been a reminiscent trace of the Blood Family Mafia drug war taking place in the region. An attempted murder had taken place just shortly before following a uptake in firearm violence in a region which is known for its calmness and beautiful scenery.

Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean has recently been the location of an attempted murder which took place last Monday (15/04/2024) in the county of La Baie, this time on the 6th Avenue. This is not counting, that the week before a vehicle was found, crippled with bullets in downtown Chicoutimi.

In the recent shooting which took place Monday, the target was a man in his 60’s. It is unknown whether the target was target to false identity. The 60-some year old man was unknown to the SPS (Service de Police de Saguenay), which leaves authorities in a limbo. The 60-some year old man was attained by gunshots, but survived.

Three suspects, Vadim Blakitny, from Montreal, Andrew William Bangs, from Ottawa and Vincent Cote, the only individual from Saguenay, were apprehended a day after the attempted murder. Being apprehended in the afternoon of Tuesday . Authorities found 2 pistols in the vehicles which was stopped on Boulevard du Royaume.

The earlier attempt led to a vehicle being abandoned after being shot at on Boulevard de L’Universite in front of the Centre Georges-Vezina. Police know the owner of the vehicle but not the person who was driving. They have confirmed that the shooters were in a moving vehicle when the attempted murder was executed.

All Boivin

Is this recent activity related to the Saguenay drug kingpin on-the-run All Boivin, in which BOCO is offering a million dollars to anyone who is willing to tackle the location of? Or is it related to the Blood Family Mafia moving in on the Saguenay territory? It is known that Saguenay police are working with the SPVQ (Quebec City Police) because they believe the action is a result of the latter.

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