Brandon Mark: 27 Year Old Drug & Arms Producer Has His Day In Court

Last week we had launched an article that described a RCMP raid that had taken place in Montreal on Wednesday morning. Today we have received more information on the seizure, after the suspect had passed in court. The seizure had taken place on Rue du Miniac. The information last week had hinted to the seizure of synthetic drugs, presumably ‘speed’ or in French ‘pinotte’, which are amphetamine tablets, but today certain media outlets have revealed that, the drugs weren’t the most severe crimes he had committed, but the production and sale of 3D printed guns were.

Picture taken the day of the raid.

The raid took place in the Saint Laurent sector of Montreal, by the highway intersection of Highway 13, and Highway 40, nicknamed the ‘metropolitan’ or the ‘met’ by Montreal residents. The raid was an effort made to tackle a clandestine laboratory producing synthetic drugs. It is highly unlikely that this man was running this laboratory alone, but he has been the only one arrested as of yet.

More firearms and ammunition seized.

Brandon Mark was the suspect on trial today, a 27 year old man from Montreal. He was tagged with 11 separate charges relating to firearms convictions as well as drug trafficking convictions. The amount of drugs seized has not been disclosed yet, but judging by the pictures released of the raid, we can guarantee it is a substantial amount.

The drugs and cash seized.

But synthetic drugs wasn’t all that Mark was producing, a 3D printer had been found seized, allegedly used to produce Glock style pistols. 2 Polymer80 style Glocks were seized throughout the raid. 14 other firearms were seized during the raid, which is a wonder why this fact hadn’t been revealed last week, two other of those firearms were AR-15 assault-style rifles. A cash amount of 44,000$ was also seized during the raid.

3D printer seized as well as homemade Glock parts made in Polymer80.

Some of the charges that were tagged to Brandon Mark include possession of prohibited firearms along with ammunition with the aim of trafficking the latter, negligent storage of firearms and possession of drugs with intent to sell. Mark has not been convicted of the charges and will face further days in court. This is Brandon Mark’s first criminal charge.

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