Burnaby Homicide Footage πŸ”ž

We usually only release this type of footage/content for our VIP members. However, because of how severe this gang conflict is getting; it was crucial for us to make this public.

With the recent death of Amritpal Singh Saran, the majority of us knew that retaliation would soon follow. Everyone had originally assumed that this Burnaby shooting had to have been connected to the Umba shooting, until we revealed the following information:

Original developments led us to believe that a passenger was also struck.

It turns out that the only victim that was present in the Jaguar, was the same identity we revealed about an hour after the shooting.

The victim had strong connections to the BIBO/RS set, and was specifically involved in a certain crew that included plenty of asian DBOYs spread across the country. Johnson (Victim) was known as a high-ranking figure in the operation, and had actually operated several phones across the province of BC & Saskatoon.

Just recently, he was associated to the same group of BIBO guys that were allegedly responsible for ‘taxing a BK leader’s Rolex watch’.

We are almost positive that his death was in retaliation for the stolen jewellery.

The following footage contains graphic material that may not be suitable for all ages.

Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

We will be constantly releasing further developments on this story.

Original footage we posted 30 minutes after the shooting:


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Daniel Swarek
Daniel Swarek
5 months ago

First to report

We got more...

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