Criminal Activities Rise In The East Of Quebec

Quebec City was gaining heat with the fuzz on the turn of the new year, with the torture of Hells Angels associates by members and sympathizers of the Blood Family Mafia street gang from January to February. Amazingly, the drug war had only resulted in one death; the death of ex-Mercenaires MC president and HA associate, Michel ‘Doune’ Guerin in November of 2023. Police finally decided to crackdown on the violence before more casualties took place.

Authorities decided to start an police operation named Projet SCANDALEUX (Project Scandalous) which resulted in 36 arrests in February, which was aimed at tackling members and associates of the Blood Mafia Family. Things seem to have simmered down for a little while after the police crackdown with most of the Blood Family Mafia’s members getting arrested. But it didn’t last long.

Michel ‘Doune’ Guerin

The gang set their eyes on the Saguenay region, which has seen a serious uptake in violence throughout the past weeks. Two attempted murders had taken place, including one which was suspect to a mistaken identity, the other is unresolved as of yet. There has also been a slew of other visitors visiting the region that have no place being there.

Michel ‘Doune’ Guerin

A seizure had taken place Thursday morning (25/04/2024) in which five firearms were seized. Among the weapons seized were a .50 caliber rifle and two .12 gauge shotguns. The seizure had taken place at 7:15am and the target was a suspect associated with the Blood Family Mafia. It took place in Val-Belair, a town to the north of the region of Quebec.

Picture of a vehicle which was target to gunshots in the La Baie county of Saguenay.

The 42-year-old man, named Maxime Vaillancourt had appeared in court throughout the day in the afternoon, he faces charges concerning possession of prohibited firearms. Authorities also seized two pistols, a .357 and a .22 as well as 2 extended magazines and several bullets for the firearms. It is unknown whether the seizure is due to a result of the police operation; Projet MALSAIN. But authorities have confirmed the seizure has taken place in efforts to tackle the ongoing drug war between BFM and motorcycle gangs in the region.

The second incident that contributed to the increase in criminal activities in Quebec happened on Wednesday (24/04/2024) when three individuals were arrested in efforts of Projet MALSAIN by the SPVQ (Service de Police de la Ville de Quebec).

A targeted vehicle shot up with bullets, last week in the Saguenay region.

The arrest had taken place in the Vanier borough of Quebec City. It saw the arrests of of 34-year-old Nicolas Pouliot and a 44-year-old as well as a 54-year-old. The items seized in the operation included 80 grams of methamphetamine as well as a small quantity of GHB and cocaine. 5800$ in cash was seized and cellphones used in the operation as well. 2100 amphetamine tablets were also seized.

The last seizure and arrest that occurred this week, had taken place in the course of this week on Wednesday afternoon, at around 2:20pm in efforts to tackle drug trafficking in the region. The arrests took place Wednesday (24/04/2024) and saw the arrests of two men.

The first suspect’s name was unveiled to the public, Benjamin Plante, a man of 24 years old was charged with possession of a prohibited firearm as well as drug trafficking and two charges of possession of methamphetamine. The second, a 52 year old man was released with a promise to appear in court when his court-date comes around.

Blood Family Mafia leader (standing) in rapper, Mizery’s video ‘Grenade’.

This intervention was mainly a focus on seizing firearms, mainly rifles and shotguns, with two of the seven weapons being .12 gauge shotguns. It is unknown whether these weapons were obtained illegally. Police had also seized 1700 methamphetamine tablets. 560 other prescribed medications were also found, these medications were meant to be used towards the manufacturing of amphetamine tablets.

With all this action happening to to East of the province, not to mention the shootings and attempted murders going on in Saguenay. It’s a wonder if this violence is going to go on.

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