Drug Bust – Viet Operation Dismantled:

On May 16, prosecutors laid charges against Karina Marie Graham, 32, 27 year-old Leo Minh Thach and 40 year old Aaron Trung Thanh Nguyen. All three are Vancouver residents, and have been officially charged after their large-scale operation came to an end with multiple raids in Burnaby, Vancouver and Abbotsford.

Four keys of any substance usually is no joke, but fentanyl is something else on it’s own. The feds hate the drug and it’s because of the overdose-ridden community that BC has become known to be. All throughout Canada we’re starting to see fentanyl dealers and operations get dismantled at a frequent and aggressive pace.

These guys were being watched back in 2020/2021, after the unit began investigating and learning information about several alleged traffickers in the Lower Mainland.

Eventually they were hit with the November raids that saw two homes in Burnaby and one each in Vancouver and Abbotsford turning up about four kilos of fentanyl and smaller amounts of drugs including heroin, fentanyl mixed with other drugs including carfentanil, ketamine, methamphetamine and MDMA.

About $24,000 in Canadian money was also seized:

The trio have been released on court-imposed conditions until their court dates.

Pictured is street-ready packaged fentanyl.

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