EOTY Results (2022-2023) 📊

22′ – 23′: EOTY RESULTS

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*Averaging around 5.5k views per 24 hours, with an overall following at 15.5k+; an estimated 1/3 of our entire Instagram audience had SEEN in our polls. 2/3 of our entire audience doesn’t have their notifications set to alert them on our IG stories*

*every poll saw a minimum of 1k votes (with some reaching 2k+); estimating that 1/5 of our viewers had engaged in the polls*


  • Poll 1:
  • Slice took this one BY FAR (600 total votes)
  • The actual engagement on this first poll is a lot lower than any of the others and it’s because of the *sensitive media* that instagram had put on the story due to the graphic scenes.
  • MD was close at #2, with a total of 300 votes.
  • In our overall opinion we believe Slice was truly the biggest pack of 2022. It seems as if a really big player gets taken out of the game at the beginning of each year; as we’ve seen with GK and Slice in the last 2 years.
  • Will 2023 follow the same tradition?
  • Poll 2:
  • Possibly the most competitive poll in the EOTY AWARDS
  • Renzo & Jeevan took the cake, with a total of 280 votes. This was only 10 votes MORE than Sameh’s (lilman brother) total.
  • All of the nominees were within arms reach from each other, and we believe that it was so close because of how these guys impacted those around them. People will remember them for different reasons and while you can argue that Lilman’s brother was the most ‘mainstream’ pack, others will explain why huncho’s or pk’s was more significant.
  • In our opinion, we believe all of these guys are equally ranked and that’s because they all chose the criminal lifestyle; which in turn resulted in all of their deaths.
  • Poll 3:
  • As expected, Trong took this one and it’s probably because of how his death was captured on CCTV for the rest of the world to witness.
  • The triple shooting that took the lives of 2 young men and severely injuring the 3rd; was competing heavily FOR THE #2 SPOT with BC’s most recent mainstream homicide in Vishal Walia.
  • Walia took 2nd place, as the UBC golf course shooting hit too close to home for a lot of people
  • In our opinion, the results in this poll express our overall view in terms of who’s homicide was the most significant.
  • Poll 4:
  • Rest in peace Sidhu
  • Didn’t expect these results to go any different, but we believed the cancun shooting would have gotten more votes; and that’s because of the relevance it had to Canada’s criminal underworld.
  • Poll 5:
  • Slice’s hitters were clearly the most experienced and professional out of these nominees. However, one has lost his life after attempting to evade justice and the other is about to lose his life to the Thai justice system.
  • Md and malik’s killers should have received #2 and #3 respectively in our opinion and that’s because of how young these killers were. flippa and whys managed to steal #3 with malik’s killers ranked #4.
  • Poll 6:

As expected – AD takes this one and it’s because his homicide was seen as some sort of retaliation for MD’s death.



  • Poll 1:
  • One of our favourite polls and it’s clear that our audience has selected Damion’s arrest as the more significant one
  • DR definitely had a stronger foothold in the underworld at the time of his arrest than Dmonte; and that’s because Connor was trying to legitimately quit his old ways and live a new life.
  • Poll 2:
  • Rabih’s method seems to have been the most voted, but in reality we do not live in Prison Break.
  • Sujjad in our opinion had expressed the most effective way in getting out of prison and that was by him finishing his sentence…
  • Poll 3:
  • It’s safe to say that 2022 was the year of the Kane…
  • IN our opinion, PD deserves a lot more recognition and he’s currently sitting behind bars for his most recent stint at attempting to hold-up a jewellery store.
  • Poll 4:
  • Poll 4’s winner goes to highschool idiots with an overall 611 VOTES.
  • We believe these results were accurate and it’s because of how degenerate our youth and younger generation is becoming
  • Harjot Deo earned a lot of votes as well and it’s because he has finally been sentenced for his role in killing his girlfriend.
  • Poll 5:
  • Pretty accurate but we aren’t too sure when 2x will ever get too record again…
  • Seems like Doc will be release first, followed by Lolo
  • TSAVS trial isn’t looking too good and 2x’s situation is definitely going to get a lot more messy once he’s done his time in the US
  • Poll 6:
  • Lucas Gill wins every poll he’s featured in.
  • The ruffian international students were 250+ votes away from taking #1

ROUND 3/4/5 – Sets, Thots, Extras:

  • Poll 1:
  • Poll 2:
  • Poll 3:
  • Poll 4:
  • Poll 5:

As expected.. 2 years in a row now

  • Poll 6:
  • Poll 7:
  • Poll 8:

Gianimane wins this in our opinion… #nopromo

  • Poll 9:
  • Poll 10:
  • Poll 11:
  • Poll 12:

We hope you guys enjoyed the EOTW polls/results for the year of 2022. If you’re reading this at the time of this being published, we have a massive piece coming out that dissects all of the content we failed to provide, after being absent for the month of December. In the “Welcome Back” piece; we include links to all of our platforms and group-chats, as well as our Apple playlist (Spotify playlist TBD).

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