Hamilton’s 2nd Homicide: Alexander Circiumaru

Hamilton is a city located Southwest of Toronto, about 45 minutes away from the huge metropolitan. It has a population of 569,353 inhabitants, which doesn’t make it seem like a huge city, but visiting the place, you can tell it has a city-like presence. It’s criminal underground is also impressive as it has a rich history in organized crime, especially the mafia. But what does the criminal underworld in Hamilton’s downtown and surroundings look like today? As we further our reach from Quebec to Ontario, covering the East of the country; we’ll be covering most of the big cities throughout the province of Ontario. Here is our article on the 2nd homicide in Hamilton that occurred in the year 2024.s

The homicide in question had taken place on Wednesday (6/02/24) at around 1pm. A young man had been shot on the sidewalk on King Street West, more specifically near the address of 119 King Street West. Authorities believe there was only one shooter who perpetrated the scene of the crime. A little before 1pm, a suspect got out of a car, presumably a Honda Civic while the victim, 19 year old Alexander Circiumaru, was taking a stroll down King Street West. It is said the victim was headed towards an appointment.

The suspect fired a series of gunshots towards the intended target. The suspected killer had then jumped back into the Honda Civic and headed West down King Street, being last seen on the intersection of King Street West and Queen Street North. It also was believed the shooter was dressed in black and the car was a newer model black Honda Civic with a spoiler on the trunk.

Authorities received calls shortly after the shooting and rushed to the scene. When they arrived, they found Circiumaru, bullet-stricken and bleeding out on the King Street West sidewalk. Emergency services then showed up to the scene where they rushed Circiumaru to the hospital.

119 King Street West in Hamilton.

Police later confirmed the media of Circiumaru’s death later on in the week where, he was pronounced dead after fighting for his life in the hospital. A memorial was made at the scene of the crime to honor Alexander Circiumaru. People also showed up to post awareness pamphlets and posters on nearby telephone poles. Authorities have no information on whether the shooting was gang-related yet, but it was mentioned by Hamilton police that Circiumaru was known by Hamilton police.

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