Lil Baby Causes A Riot At PNE 😱

One of the world’s greatest rappers decided not to come out and perform his set at Vancouver’s Breakout festival, in which he was headlining. Rumours have already begun to circulate as to why he failed to perform, and the actual festival itself reported that he was facing a devastating illness that wouldn’t allow him to perform.

We also heard from multiple sources – including an artist that had actually already performed his set earlier in the day, and claimed that Baby was actually too fucked up to perform. YYC rapper Harm Franklin had explained to us that the announcement the festival had put out was ???? and that they were just trying to control the situation; ultimately knowing that LilBaby had done too many drugs or whatever the case was.

Another popular rumour was that he got into an altercation/argument with the promoter. We don’t think this was the case.

We have no idea why these kids went absolutely ballistic and started to act like animals over the artist, but they did and it got so bad that the entire police department was on it’s way in order to get the riot handled:


Parents were scrambling on social media in trying to locate their child after hearing about the insanity that was going on at the festival:

We will begin with Lil Baby being escorted out by his security team, and you can see just how extreme they were in regards to people recording the rapper leaving:

And here’s how the animals reacted, but before that we are going to show you some exclusive videos of the riot being taken into the streets and resulting in police having to bear mace a lot of individuals:

And then the rest of the footage:

Also if you’re suffering from a concussion or whatever it may be, and you lost your glasses – we know how you can retrieve them back:

Contact us for more information.


Good to know that Vancouver can keep up with Toronto’s fuckery, as the festival in Rolling Loud wasn’t too far behind and did result in nothing but bullshit.

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1 year ago

dumb fucking kids these days be like lemme riot over a trash artist

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