Locked Up: Dominic Scarfo

In April of 2022, a man named Dominic Scarfo, who was 49 at the time, was found guilty of two homicides that took place in 2016. The victims? Two powerful leaders in what is known as the Montreal Mafia. He was convicted of the first-degree murders of Lorenzo Giordano and Rocco Sollecito, and was found guilty of conspiring to kill both men.

Dominic Scarfo

An interesting fact about his trial was the amount of time the jury deliberated for, being 19 days. This was the one of the longest deliberations in Canadian history. The record being 28 days. The juror panel consisted of 10 individuals. The sentence he was served was 25 to life. A life sentence with no chance of parole until 25 years is served.

The first of his victims to go down was Lorenzo Giordano. On March 1st in 2016, Scarfo unloaded his pistol on a car that contained Giordano in it. When the smoke settled, Giordano was struck with five bullets to the head and neck while in the passenger seat of the vehicle. His girlfriend at the time was settled in the drivers seat. Once the shots were fired, she ran out of the car, screaming bloody murder. Giordano was a member of the Rizzuto clan, being a member of the ‘Young Turks’ faction of the family along with Francesco Del Balso.

Lorenzo ‘The Skunk’ Giordano, Rizzuto family member.
Giordano crime scene.
Francesco Del Balso

To no surprise, this happened outside of a fitness center in Laval of the 440 autoroute. The gym was called Carrefour Multisports. I’ve started to notice a pattern in a lot of hits or murders that have taken place in the 21st century. The fact being that most hits on the East Side of Canada are taking place in the parking lot of a gym. Which makes sense, it’s a discipline that most people fit into their daily or weekly routines.

Giordano crime scene.

The second homicide took place only 3 months later, on May 27th of 2016. This was the murder of Rocco Sollecito, another prominent mafia member. Scarfo had helped set this hit up, but at the end of the day, it was his accomplice who was the gunman. Sollecito was shot at an intersection in his BMW SUV at around 8 o’clock. Sollecito was an underboss for the Rizzuto family. He was 67 years old at the time of his shooting.

Rocco Sollecito
Rocco Sollecito, Operation Colisee.
Sollecito murder crime scene.
Sollecito’s funeral.

Scarfo’s accomplice for the Sollecito murder, and also Sollecito’s killer, eventually turned informant. Singing like a canary in the police station. He mentioned to police that both Sollecito and Giordano were on Andrew Scoppa’s ‘menu’. The ‘menu’ being a hit list that Scoppa had concurred.

Andrew Scoppa

In 2016 the Calabrian side of the Montreal Mafia started to aim their sites at the Sicilian side. Andrew Scoppa was on the Calabrian side, with the Rizzuto family being Sicilian. Andrew Scoppa would eventually face a violent demise as well as his brother Salvatore; Andrew being shot in October of 2019, while his brother was shot in May of the same year. The last remaining Scoppa brother, Roberto, got pinched in January of this year, for being part of an international drug trafficking ring.

Salvatore ‘Mental’ Scoppa
Salvatore Scoppa

The unnamed informant also told police about 2 other murders that had occurred in a small town near St-Hyacinthe. The killing was of 2 brothers, Giuseppe and Vincenzo Falduto, that took place in the summer of 2016. The hit was conspired by Guy Dion and Marie-Josee Viau, a couple. It was added onto the ‘menu’.

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