LoloLanski Charged For ON Prison Attack

BIBO’s mainstream talent in Ekene Anigbo isn’t ever coming home it seems like.

Lundski finds himself in hot waters once more, but this time the focus is on violence within the confines of a prison, rather than in our communities.

Recently, details emerged about an incident at Ontario’s Colins Bay Institution involving Lolo Lanski. Reports suggest he was assaulted, a claim corroborated by his partner, Vanessa.

We have even included SENSITIVE & PIVOTAL information (audio/messages) from Vanessa on DrillDoc’s story. ⬇️ A few samples have been provided on this write-up.

Corrections Canada has since relocated him to another Ontario prison for obvious safety concerns.

Lolo’s demeanor appears to have taken a drastic turn towards a “kill or be killed” mentality. This transformation coincides with his recent appearance on the immensely popular Netflix series, “Unlocked: A Jail Experiment.”

Lolo’s already extensive criminal record has now been further lengthened with the addition of new charges stemming from his actions within the confines of his NEW Ontario prison.

He stands accused of stabbing another inmate, whose identity remains undisclosed, at Ontario’s Millhaven Institution.

The maximum-security Millhaven Institution in Kingston, Ontario, has garnered a notorious reputation as one of Canada’s toughest prisons. The fact that Lolo targeted someone within such an environment suggests that the victim likely had a serious criminal background, possibly involving charges like murder or worse. This underscores the lengths Lolo is willing to go to in order to survive behind bars.

Unlike his previous experiences in British Columbia’s prison system, Lolo finds himself far from his comfort zone. Gone are the luxuries he once enjoyed, such as his personal phone, on-demand drugs, and a network of trusted friends. Vanessa, as she mentioned earlier, is still working tirelessly to procure a new cellphone for him while he’s incarcerated.

Ekene Anigbo, also known by his rapper name Lolo Lanski, was charged last week with aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and carrying a concealed weapon.

The charges came after another prisoner β€œsuffered serious injuries when he was assaulted with an edged weapon. The victim was transported to hospital for treatment and is recovering,” Bill Dickson, of the Ontario Provincial Police, said in a news release.

The attack happened on April 15 at about 11 p.m., Dickson said, prompting the Correctional Service of Canada to contact the OPP-led joint penitentiary squad.

Instead of Lolo being on a hospital bed, he’s shifted the narrative πŸ‘ΏπŸ’₯

Charges were laid on April 18 – 5 days ago.

Anigbo is currently serving a 33-month sentence that was imposed in September 2022. This sentence came after he pleaded guilty to charges of firearm possession and breaching a court order, which had been laid against him a year prior. These charges may seem minor compared to his overall criminal record, as they could be considered “little league” offenses in comparison to his more serious activities.

Given his track record and the severity of his crimes, it’s possible that Anigbo could eventually face a life sentence, similar to high-profile criminals like Pistol P or Ahmed Tahir.

This latest attack on Lolo comes mere days after he and another inmate endured brutal assaults at Colins Bay. Fortunately for Lolo, his injuries were comparatively minor, as the other inmate bore the brunt of the violence. This experience seems to have hardened Lolo’s resolve, as he appears determined to assert himself in the challenging environment of Millhaven.

There’s a sense of frustration in the suggestion that if Corrections truly understood how to mitigate these violent incidents among inmates like Lolo, they would relocate him to a facility in British Columbia. This implies a perceived lack of effective strategies or measures to prevent such occurrences in Ontario’s prisons.

The only reason he’s been shipped across the country is because of the BIBO and Red Scorpion drama that had unfolded in BC’s institutions. Lolo and several other well-known BIBO gangsters were shipped for safety reasons, in what now seems like the wrong decision.

Let’s hope they send him somewhere safe like Vanessa has been praying for, so that he can attend his trial while being alive to hopefully beat his convictions.

Regarding Lolo’s baby mother (subs know her from SUTS series):

Next Court Appearance:

Damienne Darby of the B.C. Prosecution Service said Monday that no trial date has been set for Anigbo and Falk in the Richardson killing. Their next appearance in Supreme Court in Kelowna however, is May 1, with pretrial motions scheduled to begin in January.

JayCoz & Shmoney may still have some sort of relationship. However, both of them no longer have any sort of communication with Lolo and are allegedly plotting on throwing him under the bus come trial-time.

Lolo’s lawyer(s)?

Early Life:

Lolo got progressively worse as he grew older. Similar to pretty much every gangster’s story, he showed glimpses of who he was going to be at a real young age:

Legendary image of Lolo and his childhood friend showing off their first ever robbery via social media. He was raised on the East Side of Vancouver:
K Montana (Sujjad’s younger brother) and Lolo were best-friends who had grown up on the dirty east side of Vancouver.

Similar to many of the gangsters we’ve encountered, Ekene, also known as Lolo, endured significant bullying throughout his formative years. However, it was during his time in youth detention centers that he crossed paths with individuals like Gary Kang and Arab, marking a pivotal turning point in his life. It was here that we witnessed a shift in how he navigated and responded to adversity.

As Ekene began to find his place, one notable trait emerged: his unwavering loyalty. Despite the challenges he faced, he remained steadfastly committed to the BIBO gang, never once betraying their trust.

His loyalty, a quality that would surely have made Gavin Kang proud, remained a constant, even in the face of adversity.

Unfortunately for Lolo, instead of focusing on his god-given abilities in being able to release hit-singles such as:

He decided he didn’t want to prioritize music for some reason and had instead opted for a life full of crime and danger, often landing him in the hospital or prison.

Expect an updated character profile on Lolo Lanski in the coming days, given the new information and content we have obtained.

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