LoloLanski Sentenced To 4 Years 🔒

With the release of “The Rise & Fall Of BIBO” tonight for subscribers – we figured it would be best to explain the jail/prison situation regarding rapper LoloLanski in more detail.

If you’re new to the blog and scene in general – make sure you’re caught up with one of our first CP’s in LoloLanski character profile.

The subscriber version to the profile can be found under our exclusive blog.

BIBO/Kang associate and rapper in LoloLanski was just recently sentenced to a total of 4 years behind bars. With time served however, he’s only expected to serve another 33.5 months before getting to release another “first day out”. Ekene Anigbo was described by police as one of the top 6 gang-members in metro Vancouver, shortly before his arrest at the Richmond hotel lobby.

Both currently incarcerated. Drilldoc and Lolo – allegedly serving time in the same prison.

The facts behind his arrest were all made public regarding him carrying semi-automatic weapons, however the exact details weren’t discovered until his sentencing. On Sept.26, he was jailed for four years after pleading guilty to his gun charges.

“At the time of his arrest, Anigbo had a rifle, a handgun, and ammunition in his possession,” Vancouver Police Department spokesperson Const. Tania Visintin said at the time.

On top of it all, Lolo breached his probation because of the possession of a firearm contrary to his court order. After being arrested, the charges were that he had a loaded p80 handgun and another firearm without licenses or registration. It’s crazy because he allegedly pledged in a previous court proceeding that he wanted to turn his life around and was highly committed in doing so because of his family, and son in particular.

He’s serving an additional 10 months concurrent to his gun charges, which means that the rapper won’t be out until late 2025.

Our BIBO story is a complete banger and we can’t wait for it to be available on our YouTube platform. Obviously there is tons of footage and graphic content that we can’t upload anywhere else but our exclusive blog – and it will be published sometime today, after midnight.

Set-Up Thotiana leaderboard piece is being published in a few hours as well. Big Day FOR SUBS!!!

Shmoney and Jaycoz (Lolo’s closest associates) have also found themselves in legal trouble, after being charged for attempting to smuggle narcotics into Pistol P’s prison. BIBO really is falling apart, and we’re surprised guys like Arab have managed to remain away from the headlines – unlike his brothers.

We don’t want to give too much away because of our movie that’s going to be dropping in the BIBO story, but here’s a few throw-aways of Lundski and his chronicles that have led him to this point.

His baby momma.

Now he’s in jail alongside ⬇️

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3 months ago

Post his bj video

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