Ovidio Guzmán’s Arrest: 🇲🇽


  • How he got arrested:
  • Cartel is giving the president 72 hours to release Guzman:
  • Guzman being escorted via air lift:


Majority of you follow our platform on Instagram or Twitter and have received crucial updates regarding the situation in Mexico, and more specifically Culiacan. Due to the cartel’s overwhelming dominance, we are unsure on whether or not the chaos will spread. Canada has already urged travellers in the country to shelter in place, signalling that this may only be the start of what’s to come. We decided to include every detail in this write-up and that’s because of how social media has allowed us to receive an immense amount of information. Until the situation is controlled/solved, this thread will be active with up-to-date information. The infamous TheDirtyDaily’ will be published in the coming hours, followed by DJ’s ✍???? story.

Mexican recap ⬆️ English recap ⬇️

No one saw this coming and that’s because of how embarrassing the cartel made the Mexican government look, after allowing the ‘chapito’ to walk when he was originally arrested back in 2019. Though it can be argued; Mexico’s leaders made the right decision and that’s because they realized that one individual wasn’t worth the innocent lives, or millions of dollars in damage.

In 2023 however, it turns out that while the rest of the international world continued to laugh at the South American state and its incapability in maintaining control/peace; Mexican officials were gearing up for redemption. They were surveilling him for 6 months and knew when the perfect moment was, in order to successfully execute a fast take-down. Given how fast and immediate Ovidio was transported and secured, it’s almost certain that the cartel’s tactic of applying pressure in hopes of Guzman’s release is going to fail this time around.


At around 4 AM is when the operation commenced and about 40 minutes later is when gunfire was heard in the area. In total, 900 officials that make up Mexico’s defence were involved, including the corrupt Sinaloa State Police (whom were ultimately notified AFTER the arrest was complete, in order to prevent details being leaked to the cartel). This is how they rolled in:


After being surprised in a coordinated operation, the cartel responded immediately. Videos were circulating via social media of cartel members speeding their way to the scene, with a whole lot of destruction being caused on the way. Ordinary civilians taking advantage of the situation was something the government did not see, and as a result a whole lot of looting was going on. The cartel even took control of hospitals and doctors in order to attend to the injured members, and were playing GTA 6 on the streets of Culiacan.

Everything was in shambles.


The current stage of the situation is chaos, and although it has seemed to calm down; experts believe the cartel is just prepping for another round of destruction. Keep in mind how all of this comes just days after the Mexican prison break, which saw the death of leader El Neto. Law enforcement successfully defended the escape-attempt, but not without losing a lot of lives.


The following clips/content are of Guzman’s initial arrest, as well as the aftermath of when the cartel was informed and the response they took. After you witness all of this content, you will be able to find active updates of the situation on the very top of the article. The videos and images are of no specific order, and if we missed out on anything specific, CHECK OUR TWITTER/TELEGRAM FEED.


being transported
immediately transported to Mexico City (3 days before bidens arrival)


Keep in mind that the state already declared how an immediate extradition was ruled out. The reasoning behind this was the cartel, and if an extradition had occurred instantly; the city would’ve been toast. Always tune back to this article, with updates on the top of the page (videos, info, etc).


another prison was being infiltrated, but this time from the inside


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