It’s come to our attention that one of YYC’s most feared Gyani Gangsters in PD has just recently been arrested after attempting a jewellery heist in Maple Ridge.

We’ll do a little history into the codeine-loving Gyani as we progress into the write-up. Parampreet Dhaliwal, originally from BC but later made a family-move to Calgary; is a 21 year old fearless gangster who operates a drug-line in the YYC region. He is most notably known for working under and alongside the legendary Kaunka, and just recently started recruiting fellow juniors to work under him.

On September. 30th, PD and 2 other associates in the 18 year old Gurnoor Brar and another unidentified teen (due to his age) had attempted to rob a jewellery store in the 22700-block of Lougheed Highway. They ended up bear-macing staff, and ultimately striking one employee before fleeing on foot. They were all arrested and the only one who was remanded was PD of course, because of his extensive criminal history.

PD has been a name that law enforcement in provinces across western Canada have started to look out for and that’s because he has committed acts with no remorse. Before his jewellery heist, PD was charged for robbing multiple pharmacies in order to maintain his lean habit. He got away for some time and enjoyed his ‘home-pharmacy’ for a while before police caught up to him. We’re pretty sure he was on house arrest and therefore this whole Maple Ridge situation was quite absurd to us.

Because we did some research on him recently, we have a pretty good picture on who he’s working with and who he’s recruited. For subscribers – you can read about him in one of our past ????OTW episodes (unsure on which one – he was placed #4 or #5 that week).

As for the unidentified teen – we believe it is none other than the young junior that Kaunka and PD had recruited after seeing him get bullied over social media:

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1 year ago

This kid is a scrub, β€œmost feared gyani β€œ my ass ????

1 year ago

This kid is a junky skid…most feared gyani? I mean he can try to step to me. I’d break his fucking neck though

feared gyani
1 year ago

free navrose till its backwards even though hesham got his ass. yyhu already been known that hesham the most feared n ycc but keep it str8 100 hunnnid.

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