Rabih Alkhalil Escapes Prison: 🐺

As always, we’re first to the news and always ahead of major news outlets, even though we have a budget that consists of a broken macbook and cracked cellphone.

He is one of the most well-connected high-profile gangsters to come out of the west-coast and is a very high ranking member of the Wolfpack set.

You can click here for that article.

After all, the Wolfpack set is known for its intelligence and masterful plotting.

Seriously though, what game are we playing? How in the heck did this guy manage to get a plasma torch and a whole outfit change like that… RIDICULOUS. Yes, corrections had to be in on it for some sort of payment or this guy really is the biggest mastermind out of any high-profile gangster that we’ve covered.

The plan was sophisticated with the help of 2 Americans (or so they think) whom posed as contractors working at the jail.

CLICK HERE FOR KIMS PIECE. “If they don’t find him in the first 48 hours, he’s gone”

We were the first to report on the ‘fake’ images surrounding one of the suspects.

Goodluck Rabhi.

The van that was used to help Rabih escape.

It’s safe to say he’s sipping a pina colada on a nice tropical beach by now…

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