Ripudaman Singh Malik Killers Locked Up: 💀

Ripudaman Malik in BC Supreme court after being found not guilty for the 1985 Air India flight 182 bombing. He also fought for 9.2$ million dollars in legal fees to be returned, but was unsuccessful.

Mr. Malik was shot to death outside his surrey business Thursday morning when an unknown assailant that was allegedly carrying 2 firearms, one on each hand – opened fire. He was shot 3 times, with one bullet hitting him in the neck and ultimately finishing the 75 year old off. At one point in his life, he may have been viewed as a ???? because of his relationships with the late great Talwinder Singh Parmar and his allegiance to the Khalistani movement. However, it was pretty obvious over the past few decades that Ripudaman started taking a different approach to things. The same guy who was initially charged and accused in the 1985 Air India Bombing (biased article in my opinion) was seen more openly working with the same government that had engaged in a Sikh Genocide for decades.

Mr. Malik was just a 25 year old man when he first came to Canada as an immigrant trying to make a way for his family. Struggling at first, he was working long hours as a cab driver before going on to become the President of a 16,000 member BC based Khalsa Credit Union (KCU). He ran several Khalsa schools, and was also the President of the Satnam Education Society of B.C, Canada. The man had his hands in whatever could make him paper, whether it be owning hotels or law firms, he did it all. It’s safe to say that he had a lot of money and it was pretty much because the community worshipped him like a hero. It’s important to note that he rose to power and started receiving most of his net worth after he did his 4 years and was ultimately acquitted. Those same supporters who put money in his pockets were all confused as to how and why this guy could tarnish his legacy (the khalsa movement) by supporting and promoting the likes of PM Narendra Modi.

These boys be selling drugs but don’t understand that to have that Malik ???? you just got to fake it for a few decades until you get that support.

Talwinder Singh Parmar (1944-1992) ????

The last two names anyone would’ve expected for the hitmen were Tanner Fox (21) and Jose Lopez (23) and obviously we get the exclusives from the streets, and have ultimately provided CONFIRMED photos of both of the suspects. This has conspiracy written all over it but unfortunately it is a bit past our budget and therefore, it won’t be possible to compete with the real enemy as of yet.

It’s the photos that got everyone talking. Tanner literally looks like your average school team chess club captain, but we were told by some of his old friends that he wasn’t what he looked like. He’s actually demonic and allegedly crazy in that he was never one to back down from anything or anyone. It’s just surprising that this was the guy who carried out the hit on one of the most influential Sikhs who’s lived in Canada. It’s obvious he was contracted out along with Jose in carrying out this hit but the real question is who was he reporting too?

At least they lasted longer than Gursimran ‘Simba’ Sahota and Tanvir Khakh…

We’ll attach photos of Tanner Fox before we show Jose.

I really hate blaming parents but the fact of the matter is that we see more and more kids looking like this and going out and becoming murderers. It really doesn’t add up and the only conclusion that I’ve come with is that this has to have started at home.

Below is the footage of the get-away vehicle these hired killers used, engulfed in flames.

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