Street Justice In UK: 👳🏾♂️

I would usually leave situations and incidents like these for our videos section; however – this one deserves it’s own piece.

A clown looking figure hailing from the United Kingdom was recorded on video beating an elderly Sikh employee he had contracted for a labour job.

The rest was history… the demons started pouring in from everywhere.

Full footage of the goof abusing his employee. The Sikh man did not raise a single hand back and it’s unclear as to why the person behind the camera didn’t step in. It’s okay though – get back was complete.

The Sikhs just wanted peace… Here is the elderly victim who was abused trying to talk it out with his abuser ????.

The whole block came out ????????

Why he built like that ????????

He thought it was all over… until the real DEMONS came out late at night. He aint done getting his…


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