Sujjad Ali Jalal & Shmoney Shot 💥:

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Jalal brothers on the far left and 2nd from the far right.

Kim Bolan recently harassed us and threatened to take our platform down(6ixak_tv currently suspended) because we called her out after failing to hear our name credited. Our platform once again revealed the identities of not only the deceased individual in Sujjad Ali Jalal, but the wounded one in Shmoney aka Shahram Tokhy. This was all 14+ hours before Kim or any of her washed up associates revealed the information that they stalk from our feed. We’ve decided to go back to the approach where we do not need to rely on any social platform, but ours –

It was originally speculated that the shooting was somehow targeting members of the UN set, and that’s because of the two massive graves that they have dedicated to fallen members:

Unfortunately we were mistaken, and it was actually a supportive individual of our platform that was killed instead. The most disturbing thing about it, is that Sujjad was there to visit his deceased brother. The two were very close, and it was a common thing for Ali to have visited his brothers burial site. The timing was even allegedly pre-approved by cemetery officials and everything, however it seemed like someone wanted him bad enough to have crossed every line in the ethical and moral background of being a gangster. Here was the eldest Jalal brother at the scene of his brothers shooting, just hours before getting killed himself:

Before we get into anything else, we should look into KMontana aka the younger brother to Sujjad. He was killed just a few days after Sujjad was convicted back in 2020.

The following clips are all associated to KMontana aka Amar, whom was a very well known rapper.

He was even talked about as being better than the infamous Vancouver rapper in Lololanski:

When Jaydot was originally released from jail, we released this post and stated he would be getting back in blood for his fallen brother. It was meant to engage as a hype post for his social platforms.

It really was quite odd when we received intel that Sujjad wasn’t a fan of LoloLundski, and that’s because his younger brother seemed inseparable from the rapper (despite his shortcomings):

It was months until we really realized and learned that the BIBO superstar may have actually played a hand and crucial role in getting his right-hand man killed. The homicide still remains unsolved, and it’s a big reason why the animosity between the eldest Jalal and certain BIBO members had still existed.

In fact, we haven’t heard or seen anyone from the BIBO side of things; pay any sort of tribute or condolence to the fallen Jalal, or even the critically wounded Shmoney.

It goes to show you that something happened between closed doors, and Sujjad may have had actually lived another life whilst incarcerated: (Here’s the convicted Tanner Fox revealing some information on Jalal’s jail experience)

Regardless of his previous life or whom he’s impacted, the man was a good individual and he actually understood what our platform was about. In our personal opinion, we feel some sort of drift may have occurred between Shmoney/Sujjad and certain BIBO members like LoloLundski for an example. The reason behind this is still unknown, but Sujjad was definitely very close to Shmoney, hence why the two of them were both shot at the cemetery. We were definitely upset when we learned that one was taken from this world while visiting his brother who had also previously been taken. A mother now has no sons and a child now has no father (and also recently lost her mother to an overdose as well).

He’s also left plenty of ex-lovers behind ????:

It is unclear on who exactly was behind the hit, and that’s because Sujjad’s allegiance to a specific set was invisible. He acted more as an independent DBOY during his final days on the Earth, and we may actually never know the answers in why that was the case. Was it because Lolo really did play a hand in killing his younger brother? Was it a financial issue that him and Shmoney didn’t agree on? Was it a female? It could honestly be anything, we wouldn’t be surprised. In fact, Ali did want us to remind the world on just how outrageous the baby mother in DesxBay is known to be: (Here’s an example of the unstable relationship Lundski and Des continue to struggle with:)

It’s obvious retaliation is going to find it’s course, but it isn’t clear on exactly how quick we’ll see action. We do know that family members of Jalal have spoken out and are extremely frustrated and upset with the events that unfolded at the cemetery:


Another odd thing about it all, is that Certi2x made another appearance on social media. It may just be a weird coincidence, but keep in mind that the last time he remembered his fallen brother was when the Toronto rapper in Zombie was shot to death. He’s now come out again and remembered SMAN after the recent cemetery shooting:

Whoever it was had an idea that Sujjad was a frequent individual to have visited Vedder View Gardens, but was he the target; or was Shmoney?

Shmoney is still currently fighting for his life in the hospital, while Jalal didnt get as lucky:


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Bkgoof killaz
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Fuxk bk and all these little shit skinz

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smoking on sujjad pack/ and hopefully shmoney soon

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