Surrey Hotel Shooting ๐Ÿ’€ – July.4/22

Twenty-eight-year-old Surrey resident Mohamed Abdulrahman Mohamed.

IHIT and Homicide ???? were called to the Surrey Days Inn on a Monday afternoon on July 4th after somebody was fatally hit ????. Because of the location of the incident, many people began to speculate and engage in rumours that stated it was none other than a BK member who was killed. This is because the hotel is frequently visited by a variety of Brothers Keepers and therefore it was easy to point fingers at who we all believed caught the hot shells. Even Kim Bolan, in a now-deleted tweet, conspired against the gang after receiving numerous DMS that all had no credibility whatsoever.

Being smoked in broad daylight has been sort of a recurring theme on the western coast of Canada. Itโ€™s almost always targeted and a majority of the time itโ€™s based on drug debts or money owed. Itโ€™s a very rare occasion when we see an innocent correctional officer whose identity was mistaken for another gangster, get shot to death during the brightest of hours. But itโ€™s still always possible, and it goes to show you that whether it be daylight or night – it truly doesnโ€™t matter when it comes to these guns.

It has been basically proven that Mohamed did have some sort of connection or relation to the Wass Gang/Driftwood set. Thatโ€™s all I believe there was to it, as he was allegedly an independent drug dealer doing his own thing trying to run up his own ????. Everyone has a clear understanding of the alliance the Wassas (will be featured on a set profile in the coming weeks) and BK set have in place, however, itโ€™s important to note that music is that bridge. This dude may not have ever met an original BK member but I am pretty positive he was surrounded by people that have.

I received intel almost immediately after posting the horrifying video of the victim; that he was killed because of what he did hours prior. Some may call it karma, we just call it the streets. This game will never play fair and if you decide to take any shortcuts, youโ€™ll be cut short.

As usual, no lead suspects or suspects have been tried in the case. The case seems to be going cold as has almost every other homicide case in BC. The most they have at this point is Kim telling them he was BK and them watching that 4 door Infiniti Sedan burst up in flames in an alleyway.

Rest in peace, Mohamed Abdulrahman Mohamed ????????.

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