It’s been a hot start in YYC/YEG and it’s actually surprised a lot of people throughout the country. No one would’ve thought at the end of 2022, that Alberta would be leading in every category – regarding homicides. Many have suggested that the root cause behind the increase in gun/gang violence in the province, is because of ongoing drug turf/territory disputes. We believe that this is truly just the start of what’s to come. This is because AB has always been looked at as BC’s younger sibling in a sense; with multiple organizations from the west setting up shop in the province, and sort of bullying their way to the top of the underworld. We’ve seen it with UN members such as Skidz & his team, and we’ve seen it with the Brothers Keepers. About a decade ago, these guys were expanding into Alberta and it became a norm for Alberta DBOYS to sort of look up-to these BC big names. Things have changed in 2023, and Calgary/Edmonton has really become its own. If you’re from out of the province these days, attempting to start a line/program; you won’t be met with the same open arms back in 2010 – you may actually lose your life.


Ever since we alerted our audience on the arrests of Arman Dhillon’s killers, we haven’t really provided any other update on the Alberta crisis. There is a legendary AD – CP that has officially been scheduled for release, but we should first look into a few things. Both YEG & YYC have seen a massive spike in violent crimes, and we could dedicate an entire write-up to some of the nasty scenarios that are currently occurring (such as the deadly stabbing of a mother & a child – that was completely random). We have instead dedicated this piece to a similar theme in which AD’s story will be portrayed (current gang-scene).

About 2 weeks ago, Edmonton police issued warrants for two men after a massive $2.2M drug seizure. The crazy thing about it was the fact that one of the men, Karnvir, was actually involved in a series of busts throughout his criminal career. This guy is in his mid 20’s and has been around millions of dollars in drugs & cash, potentially coming in from South America. Though we haven’t officially confirmed what set/group this individual represents; we will be providing a pretty brief update on him with AD’s CP.

Keep in mind – that majority of the gunshots in Alberta isn’t solely committed by the Indo-Canadian population. There is a large population that has been steadily increasing over the years, consisting of Somalian/South Sudanese gangsters. These kids are reckless:

You’ll understand and see just how interconnected these ethnicities are with the Indo-Canadians (IN AD’S CP OFCOURSE).

Unlike Harsh Jindal, Karnvir still hasn’t turned himself in. We also know that Jindal is apart of the same faction/group that supported the deceased Arman Dhillon & his UN associates.

It’s pretty weird how Alberta is currently shaped up – it’s basically two different groups of guys going at it with each other. One side consists of the same guys who lost JJ & JASSU at the Mazaj lounge to the demonic Kaunka, Saggu & Bhatti. The other side consists of the same guys that supported the assassination of JJ & Jassu (aka Dilraj Johal & his Alberta group). These same guys have continued to go at it with each other, with things only getting worse; and easier for the feds to start solving cold homicides.

Whitlock (on BC’s gang poster) – Karnveer Sandhu – Kulvir Bhatia – all arrested for the homicide of Arman Dhillon in Oakville.

(If you guys are still sort of confused on who these guys are, and why/what they represent/any other questions – make sure you’ve watched the entirety of the KAUNKA STORY & UP-TO-DATE WITH DJ’S CP. These two will act as a major prequel to Arman Dhillon’s significant character profile.)

More on harp in AD’s story.

Edmonton is seriously getting so bad that the homeless population has started to speak out:

Urbanik said the people they spoke to believed three main elements are contributing to safety issues: the increase in the number of people who are homeless, gang activity and deterioration of the “street code”, and the toxicity of the drug supply. 


Here’s some YYC/YEG content we’ve been releasing on our subreddit.

Gurbaksh (DBOY that was working under Gambino)
Gurbaksh rolling up on Gambino’s family home. Reason why he got stomped in ^
Calgary demon gets caught at a cactus club.
Mohit Sandhu – farm house just recently got robbed by a bunch of african-americans

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Daniel Swarek
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