Ziad Jebrini-Nahban: Shot At His Son’s Restaurant (VIDEO)

The 7th murder of the year occurred in Montreal on Monday night. The victim was a 71 year old Syrian man. It’s a cold reminder that the money game played throughout the street is not just a young man’s game, but can apply to elderly people as well. He was shot at while in his wife’s car, just outside of the restaurant his family owns, most notably his son, which is called Rosana’s and is situated in the Saint-Laurent sector of Montreal.

It was no surprise that Rosana’s was already targeted throughout the underworld scene of Montreal. It seems to be every week in Montreal, you hear a business being the victim to a few Molotov cocktails in the wee-hours of the morning. With Montreal’s mafia background, there’s no doubting why so many business’s are mobbed up. Although not being New York City, it bears a strong similarity to the big apple. As said earlier, it is to no one’s surprise.

Crime scene.
Scene of the crime last Monday night.

As it turns out, almost a year earlier, Rosana’s restaurant was targeted by a Molotov cocktail. On the 9th of February, an unknown suspected had fire-bombed the restaurant. Anotherfire-bombing took place on September 6th of 2023.

Another reason this murder was not a surprise was the fact that Authorities had warned Ziad Jebrini-Nahban that either a contract was out on his life, or there were criminal around the city trying to get to him. This practice is called Duty-To-Warn, and takes place when authorities get a hold of intel which states a certain individuals life is at risk.

Ziad being given CPR.

Late-night on Monday, Ziad Jebrini-Nahban was shot in his wife’s car, just outside of his son’s restaurant, named Rosana’s, which specializes in Syrian food. Authorities found seven shells in the parking lot once they arrived. It is unclear how many suspects were present at the shooting or were either directly involved in the event. But a car was found burnt to a crisp with a stolen license plate at the intersection of Lacombe and Louis-Colin on the island of Montreal.

The torched Honda Civic.

We now know that Ziad Jebrini-Nahban had been trying to play his part in the tobacco and shisha part of the business, which might have been why he was assassinated, but we have no clear motive as of yet.

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